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*Slightly Graphic* Anyone With Uncircumcised Partners? Ideas?

My husband is not circumcised, and I was just wondering if there are any experienced women who could give me some pointers on how to spice up our sex life.  I am what you would call a sexual virgin, and would just like to hear some things that might drive him crazy/have him begging to get off that may not be so traditional because he is not circumcised.  If anyone else has any ideas as well, I am totally open!  Thank you!

Re: *Slightly Graphic* Anyone With Uncircumcised Partners? Ideas?

  • I've had sex with circumcised and uncircumcised partners.  It's exactly the same.  Nothing's different.  Uncircumcised men tend to pull out less for each thrust, but it's barely a noticeable difference.  I think you're over thinking this.
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    ...Just reviewing the forum after some days and saw this......

    Here in the UK most men, including me, are 'as nature intended'.   The things you need to know are that a mans most sensitive part is the inside of his foreskin.   This is where the special nerve ends that bring about orgasm are situated.    Contrary to common belief of both men and women the head, or glans, does NOT have these special nerves although its stimulation is pleasant, not enough to induce orgasm.  (Even circumsized men reach orgasm thru their foreskin remnants or by stimulation of their scar as this is their only source of the orgasm inducing nerves) When the foreskin is pulled right back the sensitive inside is stretched back down the shaft where it can be stimulated by foreplay or penetration.   Some men have short foreskins and some are long(er).........if your man has a short one which does not overhang his glans the sensitive inside, or 'ridged band' will be just under the head when right back........if he has a pronounced 'overhang' when his penis is soft and relaxed then the ridged band will be further down his shaft when he is erect with the 'hood' pushed right back.

    The inside of his foreskin is VERY sensitive to non slick or rough touch, being similar to the inside of your labia.    You can find out more by (with his agreement) exploring his feelings as you touch the ridged band and other parts of his penis with the foreskin right back.   You can also gently stroke the sensitive area with the pads of your fingers......this is very intimate and can, in its way, be more erotic and personal than even oral sex if you keep eye contact with him.

    Lastly, dont pull his hood back too far or too hard as this will hurt,..just stretch it back gently sometimes as most men enjoy this sensation.     Dont be afraid to ask him to show you just how he likes to touch and manipulate his own foreskin and pick up on what he shows you.   Its a good idea to always use a lubricant when you touch inside his can use baby oil or saliva although talcum powder also gives a nice feel.
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