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Can you tell me about mirena? Weight gain? Hormones?

I'm getting it installed on Thursday and am nervous...what can you tell me about it?

Re: Can you tell me about mirena? Weight gain? Hormones?

  • You mean you never asked your physician a thing???

    Stop right there.

    Get NO Mirana inserted until asking your doc what you need to know:

    Weight gain
    Side effects
    Do you need a backup birth control method if you are taking certain medications? (I know it is like that with The Pill and other oral BC methods -- certain drugs can render them ineffective)
    Adverse effects -- what happens if you have them?
    What are the adverse effects?
    What do you do if you wish to start a family while using Mirena?

    This is to name a few.

    I don't know if you have certain health problems -- you need to clear all of this with your doc.
  • You're getting it "installed?" Lol.
  • Talk to you doc. I made sure on ALL side effects because of my migranes, I had to get off the pill I am high stroke risk, so I got the hormone free Para Gard. It lasts 10 years. At first your periods get a bit heavier usually and my cramps have been. It does hurt a bit to get it in, but you pop some advil and my OB numbed me up a little. She said you also can get your fertility back almost right away, same thing I've read and heard from many women I'm close too. 

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