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I need you to tell me if I'm irrationally upset.

My former student teacher has been "trying" to organize a dinner for the last few weeks.  The attendees are supposed to be me, her, and ASSistant.  She has postponed twice, sending texts the morning of and the hour before.  Today she sent me a text to ask if I could do lunch instead.  She knows I work a regular job now.  I responded, "During the week..?" thinking she couldn't possibly mean that.  And she said, "Yeah, you get an hour lunch break, right?"

Here's why I am upset...

I know that this week is their last week of school and they have half days.  So basically, they don't want to leave work and do whatever until it's time to meet me at a restaurant.  I understand lunch might be more convenient, but it makes me feel like I'm not worth the time and/or effort.  Also, I haven't seen these ladies in years.  Subtracting the time it will take me to leave work and return to the office, I would at most spend 45 minutes with them.  How is that enough time to catch up?  I mean, I talk to Big A daily and when we go out for meals, we spend at least 2 hours talking.

ST is the one who came up with this whole thing in the first place, but now I feel like she's over it and either wants to get it over with or doesn't want it to happen at all.  Maybe suggesting lunch is her way of making me the one responsible for saying let's forget it.

Am I being hormonal? 

Re: I need you to tell me if I'm irrationally upset.

  • I don't think so at all.

    Like you, I have people I talk to every day & still have tons to talk about with them when we have a meal together. So multiply that times years that you haven't seen them? Yeah, 45 minutes isn't worth it, imo.
  • It's definitely not you. I think she's being rude by canceling 2x and now trying to change plans. I hate when my friend and I meet for lunch, b/c its not enough time. But she is a nurse with a crazy schedule so we get together when we can. Is she in a rush to do it this week? Why can't dinner be later in the month?


  • Thank you for the validation, ladies!

    I texted her to say that I didn't think it would work and have yet to hear back...over a week later.
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