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What does everyone have planned...any plans? I'm working summer camp which I am not looking forward to. :-S I'm off a week in August, but still have a few more days of vacation to use. We are going to the beach for a few days. No other plans besides that.


Re: Summer

  • We get the kids July 11th ish to the 25th ish.  Ish because MIL wants to come up too, so be nice if she could bring the kids one way.  She finds out her work schedule next week.  We're going to fly the other way (since they will be in GA).  We have a condo rented out for OC, MD for 15th-20th. 

    We have a wedding next week, and Sept, and a few graduation parties.

    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • My june is insane with baby showers and birthday parties. At the end of July Bear and I are going back to Ohio for a week and otherwise I'd like to relax!! Maybe get myself knocked up again.
  • I'm just working. Helping M out with the truck some & working with him on something that might happen in November (God willing & fingers crossed). The boys are going to Legoland with my MIL next weekend, then D has a theater camp at St. Andrew's June 15-26. Bear is in Safety Town in July.

    I might go to AC for a friend's birthday in August, but she hasn't given me dates yet.

    I think my goal this summer will be to quit one of my jobs. That would be amazing.

  • Wow, I feel very boring.  We're going to Cape May for a long weekend and that's pretty much it.
  • Aiden is done school for the summer as of today, but M will still be going to school for summer camp. Next Friday we leave for myrtle beach and I can't waiiiiiit. The rest of the summer will probably be long weekends down the beach here and there. Dh and I might do a weekend at St. Michaels for our anniversary. Other than that, not much else.
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  • @mammersoh - Where are you guys staying in Myrte Beach?
  • @janma529 Every year we stay in Garden city. It's considered south Myrtle, almost Murrells Inlet.
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  • Cool!  Have fun :-)
  • We have a week off the week of July 13 (our anniversary) that night we are going to see the Foo Fighters and spend the night in Philly, then we're going down to Cape May for a few days and hoping to get some things done around the house. Lol that's really all we have specifically planned for the summer. We are very interesting people!
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  • We have the normal million concerts planned. We are also going to OBX the 2nd week of July and going to our beach house on the weekends we are free. Other than that not much else going on.
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