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Advice for starting my first garden (herbs, veggies)

Hi all,


As the snow melts it's my goal to get a garden up and running this spring. My H and I have two raised beds that are 5' by 5' and a ground level plot that is fenced in with chickenwire that is about 8' by 8' in our backyard. I definitely want to try to make the most of these and start a thriving garden but I've never gardened before. All three beds will get adequate sunlight but not always direct due to large trees we have. We also tend to have a good amount of bugs and squirrels in or backyard during the warmer seasons. I'd also like to spruce up our curb appeal by adding some flowers to the front of our house. My questions are:

1. What are some good herbs/vegetable plants to start with for a newbie gardener?

2. Are seeds or transplants better to start?

3. How should I condition my current "dirt" patches to give my plants the best shot at thriving? Looking for soil and tilling recommendations.

Thanks so much for any advice!




Re: Advice for starting my first garden (herbs, veggies)

  • Mints and tomatoes are easy.  My father gardens, he has those everywhere.  He tried lavender I forget to ask how that worked for him.

    You can make your own oils from the plants you grow.

    Cucumbers are easy for him too.  He puts them in my mom's salads.  You can taste how fresh it is!!

    He tried potatoes they came out as little baby potatoes, I thought they were cute, he was pretty disappointed. 

    I hope that gets you started.  Cucumbers, tomatoes, mint...strawberries.  He stopped with the strawberries because of mom's diverticulitis.  And it's a pain in the but to take the seeds out of the cucumbers for her.

    He's trying to grow his own ginger he says that's hard.

  • Thanks for the advice! Sounds like your father has a great garden :)



  • Tomatoes, pepper and squash are best choices to go with.
  • Get plants that are suitable for your hardiness zone. Also, use plants that you want to eat.
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