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Curtain Problems

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Question: Should I hang the same curtains I have in my front room in my family room?

We recently updated our front room. It now has charcoal grey walls with white curtains that have grey embroidery on top (attached is sample of curtains). I am not all that good at interior design so I need some help. Our family room is under renovation now and is going to be a stone blue (attached is a photo of the color) we are finishing getting the drop ceiling out and our furniture is beige. I will also provide photo's so you can visualize the layout (the angle is standing in the family room, looking into the front room). Would you use the same curtains? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Curtain Problems

  • Ok, if you are painting the two rooms a different color, then you are basically make separate, defined spaces.  In that case, you should have different curtains in each room.  

    The rooms are fairly open to one another though.  I would suggest painting them the same color and using the same curtains and decorating them as a cohesive space.

    What else are you planning to do to decorate? 
  • Thanks for your input. I am afraid that the charcoal grey would swallow up the house if done in both rooms since it is a shot gun style home and just under 1,000 sq ft.

    The other work going to be done in the two rooms is sanding and staining all the wood trim. The stain will be most likely the same as what it is now. We are interested in putting in a 35'' wall mount electric fire place underneath the TV.
  • If it's to be too dark, then I would suggest painting it a lighter gray in both rooms.  Gray is a fantastic neutral.  If it's the right shade, it just blends and makes the walls a little richer than a beige or white.
  • I agree with blue bird.  I would paint both rooms in the same color in a ligther tone as one option

    Or the other option is:
    1. Keep the color in the front room 
    2. For the family room use the same charcoal gray but go 50% lighter and use the same window treatment that you used for the front room to keep it cohesive because you have a fairly open room. 

    Hope this helps. 

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  • Be very choosy and specific when you select colours for each room. If there is any custom bedroom closets like the variety of colours available in Toronto ( ) , its better to choose a colour that goes along with these closets. They shouldn’t stand out odd. If that doesn’t concern then there is no problem working out with colours.

  • Since the rooms will be different colors, go with different curtains. Even if you go with PP suggestions of going with a lighter shade of the same color you have in the one room, you still don't have to go with the same curtains, unless you love them. Just go with something that will compliment each other.
  • If your rooms are having different colors, then go with different colored curtains. It will be a better idea. Moreover, mix matching these two light and bit dark shaded colors will give your rooms a stunning look. And, for buying the new curtains I would suggest Rajrang. You will easily find this color curtains at a very affordable price. They are having nice collection of designer curtains in a variety of designs, colors and patterns.
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