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Trying to get healthy

My husband and I for the first several years of our marriage
did not eat right or exercise like we should have. The past year or so we have
really begun to take control and have started to eat better and exercise. The
frustrating part is that I eat better than he does and I exercise every day and
I am not losing any weight. He is eating healthier but not exercising and he is
losing weight constantly.

I guess I just need some motivation or some sort of
something that tells me to keep going, because I am feeling so down about not
being able to lose this weight. Or if there are any tips or things to try to
help lose the weight.  

Re: Trying to get healthy

  • I totally understand where you are coming from. My husband and I are coming to our 5th wedding anniversary and we have just now decided TTC and get our health in order. Now we are in the very beginning stages of eating better and I do tend to exercise more than he does. All I can say is just don't give up. The weight will eventually start falling off. Do I a combo of weight training and cardio. Cardio will make you lose water weight, but really won't help will the lose of fat. With a little bit of weight training all your muscles will get stronger to help boost your metabolism. Good luck to you!!!!
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  • A healthy diet plays an important role in keeping one fit and fine. You should take an advice from some good health dietician. My parents are quite old and taking care of them in such a busy life becomes little harder. Thus I am planning to move them into respite NJ stay for some period of time since I need to go out from the city.
  • I can totally relate. Generally speaking women seem to have a tougher time losing weight and keeping it off. For me, the key was to find extra ways to sneak in exercise that didn't feel like so much work. Dancing can be an awesome way to loose weight, but is also a fun date night for you and DH or a perfect excuse for a girl's night out:

    Once I was able to start enjoying my exercise on some level it was much easier to tough it out and see results (which become their own motivator!)
  • The beginning is always the hardest part so hang on in there kr0403. Men just seem to lose weight much easier than us ladies. It was defo the case with me and my hubby lol. Keep going!!
  • Hubs and I had the same problem.  We tried just about every diet under the sun - he'd lose 20lbs, I'd lose 5 and get completely discouraged.  I gained 85lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014.  I started a plan in February of 2015 and became a health and fitness coach in order to push myself to lose. As of today I've lost a total of 98lbs and I feel amazing.  If you need any help, I'd love to be there for you! If you've found a program that you're succeeding with, I'm super happy for you and keep up the great work!!!!
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