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Flight with children - seating

Hi, we have two young children, ages 3 and 5.  We are planning a trip this summer.  The flight will be about 5 1/2 hours direct.  It looks like the aircraft will be a 757 -- seating arrangements are 3 seats on each side of the aisle.  I'm looking for feedback on the best way to set up our family for the trip.  Is it better to have us as 2 and 2 (one child with one parent)?  Or is it better to have us all in a row with the two kids and one parent on one side of the aisle and the other parent right across the aisle?

If the kids are together, they can share a portable DVD player, toys, etc better.  However, if we split it to 2 and 2, we can have 2 windows and ensure it is one on one with a parent for each.

Thoughts?  Thanks! 

Re: Flight with children - seating

  • If it were me, I'd do 3 seats and the other parent on the aisle seat across.  I'd just rather not bother strangers if my child wanted to get up.  Heck, as an adult I try and book aisle seats when possible so I don't have to bother anyone.  Do what feels comfortable for you though.
  • I would probably do as JoanE2012 suggested. Like you said yourself, if they are sitting next to each other they can share toys and the DVD player better and it will be easier for you & your spouse because then you aren't trying to pass items back and forth. Also then if one partent needs to go to the bathroom, a lot easier for the other to keep an eye on both kids.
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