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Any teachers? Two random questions...

Hello, I've been a long time lurker and a very infrequent poster. DH and I are expecting a separation from the Air Force soon. His PT test is next week and he is all but certain he will fail it. (This would be the 4th fail and an automatic discharge, I know). My questions are:

1. Do you know anyone/have you experienced separation due to  PT failure? How long does it usually take from failure to discharge orders? I am trying to gauge how much time I have left to work.

2. I am a 2nd year teacher and I am under contract with the local school district. I have never PCS'd while working for a school district. I am wondering if anyone has had to cancel (there's probably a better word) their contract mid year? I'm concerned it would affect how new employers would see me? How did your administration take the news? I have a principal who runs hot and cold and am nervous about telling her. 

TIA for any replies.

Re: Any teachers? Two random questions...

  • LC1809: Sorry I am a little confused, why are you being separated if you husband will be discharged? 

    Anywho, do you live in an at-will state? If so, it doesn't matter when you quit. At-will employment means they are not obligated to keep you and you are not obligated to stay. Now, that doesn't mean there aren't penalties for breaking a contract (i.e., paying back bonuses). 

    Regarding a future employer, you could explain your sudden lapse in employment by telling them about your requirement to move (due to PCSing). 
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  • I apologize for any confusion. In regards to the word 'separating', I meant DH will be discharged due to his PT failure. WE will not be separated, HE is separating from the Air Force. I am having a hard time finding any information about what happens after he is discharged due to PT failure.

    Thank you for you information about at-will states, I will look that up now!

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