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Last Valentine's Day as Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Help me choose a gift!

Hey Everyone,  

I realize it is a bit early to be posting about Valentine's day, but with all the wedding plans I really want to choose something special now, order it, and have one less thing on my plate to worry about.

 So I'm getting married in September 2015 and this will be my last Valentine's day with my fiancé before marriage and I really want to make it count. I have narrowed it done to 3 different ideas, all of them have symbolism and meaning. If you all could help me make one less decision that would be fantastic! 

Ok, so here it goes...

Meaning: So my very sweet Swedish fiancé is always asking me for the time, and contrary to Swedish stereotypes is always running late. While he can always check the time on his cell, I really like the simplicity and elegance of this design. And hey, maybe this would solve one of our tiff starters. 

2) The gift for US -

Meaning: Ok, so I found this and it looks adorable. It's a game for couples to play together that provides 40 surprise pre-planned dates. I really like this gift bc with our hectic schedules, and now with planning a wedding...I feel like we really haven't had much "us time" and I really miss us just having fun together!

Meaning: Ok, like I have said my soon to be hubby is Swedish and they are BIG into "fika" which is like tea time/coffee break. However, my fiancé is a tea connoisseur, so I thought this would be a really nice addition for our home (although I'm more into coffee than tea). Also, we are seriously considering to travel to Asia for our honeymoon, so this could be a sweet precursor to our trip.


We both are quite creative and really like the idea of supporting start ups so thats why all these come from kickstarted or similar. I like them all! Not sure what to do... BTW, needless to say I'm trying not to spend a small fortune, so buying all three is not possible.

HELP, PLEASE! I feel like I can't make any more decisions. Thanks so much and I wish you all stress-free wedding planning (if that's even possible)! ;)

The girl who is tired of making decisions - Chloe 

Re: Last Valentine's Day as Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Help me choose a gift!

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