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Feeling like a grinch

Ah, the Christmas season! The only time of the year when I am stripped of both my degree and my name and am diminished to just three letters, MRS. We just got a pile of Christmas cards today, and every single one of them is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Hisfirst Hislast. This is our third Xmas as a married couple, and I thought it would bother me less by now. Does anyone else get outrageously annoyed by this, or am I just in a mood tonight? Any solutions other than the one I am struggling with? (the "suck it up and move on" one)

Re: Feeling like a grinch

  • Did you change your name? Are the cards from close family and friends?
    I think in the scheme of things this falls into don't sweat the petty stuff, it's not like people are mailing you letter bombs after all
  • Yes!!  I get annoyed at this! (And on wedding invitations too)  I know it is small stuff for sure, but it still irks me.  I always try to ask about a name change before I address something, but that is probably because I am sensitive to it.  My DH thinks it is hilarious and loves to show me the envelops when this happens.  That actually helps cause we can laugh about it it instead of me stewing... 
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  • I get upset too. I didn't change my name so it drives me nuts when it comes from people who know that I didn't. Unfortunately you just have to brush it off. Older people are used to tradition so they just put Mr and Mrs H first and last even though it's outdated and sexist (sorry it's true.) I don't think people really mean anything by it. This year seems extra busy, I'm sure a lot of people just rush through getting cards out and put the name they know

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