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Xmas gift for my brother's weirdo girlfriend...

My younger brother is in his mid-twenties and he's currently dating a 19 year old girl.  She's very sweet but she is an odd one.  I think she's just very immature, even for a 19 year old. Quick example: I was visiting my parents and she was there, and my mom comes in with a new handbag to show me and the girl says something akin to "My dragon senses are tingling!" to which I replied "WhatNow?" and she said again, as if I'm supposed to know, "My dragon senses are tingling. I can tell it's precious!". I said "oooooook". And that's how that exchange ended. 
She's just an odd duck, but she's 19 and I know I wasn't super cool at that age either.  The point is that she's very sweet and she's good for my brother who is a nerd/recluse, so I want to get her something for Christmas. Nothing expensive. I don't want to have another conversation about her "tingly dragon nerves" or whatever. Maybe under $30?  She is NOT a girly girl. She dresses like a boy and she rarely does her hair, she never wears makeup or jewelry (and she's mentioned that she has a ton of very fine jewelry at home that she never wears-so the fact that she doesn't wear jewelry isn't because she doesn't have it). I don't like giving gift cards because I think that's tacky and the fact that she doesn't like mani/pedis or cleanliness or grooming seems to knock out all those generic Bath & Body type things.  She likes to read, but the last time I bought her a book, she had already read it. So now what? I'm at a loss, nesters.  Help!

Re: Xmas gift for my brother's weirdo girlfriend...

  • Disneygeek77Disneygeek77 member
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    Is she on pinterest ?  I usually can get  many ideas from Pinterest on there.

    Maybe look at her FB page.  What are her favorite movies or TVs ?  COuld you get her something related to that, say a funny t-shirt ?
  • Are you sure she didn't say spidey senses?
  • I know mention your brother is self identified geek/nerd. Is she? My sister is geek and I get about 90% of her gifts from You can search by type of item and/or brand (e.g., GoT, BBT, Star Wars, etc.).

    Last year I gave my sister a Star Wars cookie cutter set (she also loves to bake). Maybe you could find something on that site that would appeal to her?

    Could you ask your brother for ideas?
  • Maybe for Christmas you could give her the gift of being less judgmental.
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  • If she likes to read, I'm sure she'd be happy with a Barnes & Noble gift card or Amazon gift card.  It's not tacky to the receiver, it's relished!
  • This year I would suggest something generic like Amazon or B&N gift card, personally I would love something like that as PP said. Even a Visa gift card for a small amount, let her buy something nice for herself after Christmas that she normally wouldn't splurge on? Explain that you want her to treat herself. I do that with my brother because he's very hard to shop for.

    Next year if he's still dating this young lady maybe you all agree to avoid adult gifts, save the money and do a night out later, maybe to a dance club or casino, movie, whatever your tastes all include. I'm not a big fan of adult gifts if you don't have to spend the money because it's hard to shop for people you don't know their tastes. I'd rather have a night out later.
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