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Christmas - just the two of us

My husband and I just moved to MN from NY so we're not able to be with our families for Christmas. We started dating 6 years ago (married for 2) and usually spend most of the day with my (large and close) family and then a few hours with his.
We are kind of excited to have the day to ourselves and not have to rush around to drive out of the city, etc.
Still, we're worried that we will spend the day feeling like we're missing out on Christmas with our families.
Have any of you spent Christmas with just each other? Advice to make the day special and awesome?

Re: Christmas - just the two of us

  • Well, I'd schedule a time to call and talk to your respective families.  If extended family will be there too- hopefully them too? 

    Past that, I'd plan to make a nice dinner.  Whatever you want- but be sure to stock up on ingredients before the holiday.

    I'd probably also plan on staying in my PJs all day.  Or buy special PJs to wear that day - like get up and shower and feel human, but put on fun, comfy clothes to lounge around in all day.

  • This is our first Christmas alone, too! I have the same fears as you. I'm planning on making a nice dinner for us, and doing something special to create our own traditions. Not sure what that is yet... might just be a quiet stroll around the neighborhood! I think you just have to recognize that this is an opportunity for new traditions and look at it optimistically.  :)
  • Perhaps you could make something special for breakfast.  Then at night go to a nice dinner or see  a movie or look at a light display ?
  • We spent Christmas Day alone last year and it was quite enjoyable.  Seeing a movie whether at home or in a theater is a thought.  Cooking dinner could be nice or finding a place open (like a Chinese restaurant).  I ran to Walgreen's last year for a frozen pizza because we were really in the mood for one despite the fact we both can cook well.  It's a fantastic day to do any outdoor activities you may have been putting off like snowshoeing, hiking, or skiing since all public parks are obviously open.
  • Last year I spent the day with my dad as my H was working. We sat around watching a Christmas parade and Netflix (we're not big on holiday movies.) We called my brother who lives across the country. At night we had a small dinner and opened gifts just to have some part of the holiday tradition.

    A couple of years ago DH worked the day shift (my husband works almost every Christmas) I spent the day with my parents. DH and I ordered Chinese that night when I got home, we drank wine and opened presents it was really nice. Ordering out can be nice, no stress from cooking.

    This year my brother can't come home again so we're going to Skype to feel like he's there. Does your family Skype? If not, I would say make a time to call, make sure they're available to chat. Other than that just relax, maybe get some nice wine, champagne or sparkling grape juice if you don't drink.I like the idea of buying new PJs for the day (although it may be too late now.) Maybe a holiday movie marathon?
  • I hope it was a lovely holiday just the two of you. I know I'm getting to this a bit late. But my bf and I also live far from family and what we do is usually re-create childhood memories together.

    This christmas we made hot wine, watched cartoons/ childhood classics and put together a puzzle. It was very simple and sweet and helped bring all those warm memories. Hope this helps for your next holiday! 

  • Creating new traditions together I think is THE BEST advice! 
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