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Father in Law Christmas Gift. Please help!

I always start planning for Christmas months in advance. This year, I am having a huge problem finding the perfect gift for my FIL. A little about him: he is in his early 60's, retired, cooks alot, gardens, and does all the house maintenance and home upgrades. My in-laws are at the stage of their lives where they buy things they see that they need or want. They don't wait for Christmas or birthdays for someone to surprise them.

I have shot out several ideas to my husband that I believed to be thoughtful or personalized for my FIL like a garden hose reel concealed in a stylish box (since they don't have a reel and just kind of loop the hose on the ground near the faucet) or a sturdy container filled with things we know he likes (shaving cream, body wash, candy, etc) which is modeled after the gift he gave me last year (container filled with kitchen jars pre-filled with sugar, flour, etc which I loved!) or even a gift of the month item like movies or gourmet coffee. Husband has shot down every idea. MIL told us he wanted a winter cap with the ear flaps and tie strings. I reluctantly agreed so we picked one up last night, but she already vetoed it as the wrong kind.

I am at my wit's end. I came up with great gift ideas for my MIL and SIL that are super creative and tailored to their tastes, but I can't get anywhere for my FIL. I don't want him to feel like an afterthought at Christmas.

Please Help!

Re: Father in Law Christmas Gift. Please help!

  • Does your husband have any ideas?  Or do you know what "the right kind" of hat that MIL is talking about?
  • Last Christmas, I bought my parents a monogrammed set of 4 moscow mule mugs and they loved it. It wasn't something they would have normally thought of, but they love showing them off now.
  • Just return the wrong hat, and ask MIL what kind of hat is the right kind.  If he wants it, and he's asking for it, then it will make a good gift.  Gifts don't always have to be creative, cute, or clever. 

    It doesn't matter much, because I would just go with the hat that you know he wants - but why did your husband veto all of your other ideas?  They sounded good to me.  Is it because your husband doesn't like them, or because your husband knows that his dad won't like them for any specific reason?
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