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New issue.

Hi!  I'm Shannon.  I've been divorced almost year, but our marriage had been over long before we called it quits.  We have two children together (4 and 8 year old sons) and have 50/50 custody.  He got almost everything in the divorce.  I got my car and the house with the stipulation that I refinanced into my name (His name is on the loan and deed.  Mine is not) within a year of the divorce.  No problem.  He didn't want the house anyway, because the house came with 6 cats and a dog and he didn't want to deal with our pets that we have had since before we had kids.  He said he'd "get rid of them".  Well, I was stupid and I did not realize that while he had complete control of the bills, he neglected to pay any of mine and my credit now sucks and I can't get a loan.  I told him this.  He is now living with his girlfriend in a house she just bought.  He has somewhere to live.  I have all of these pets.  I can't even rent.  I brought that point up again.  He says, "Well, I am sure you can get rid of them."  Yes, idiot.  Get rid of them.  You know, the pets your sons have had since they were born.  That is good for the kids.  Now, I quite understand him wanting the house out of his name.  Believe me, I did too and if I ever thought it was a problem...I would have made him put me on it before the divorce.  My family is in no shape to help me at all and I don't know where I am going to go or what I am going to do come January.  I have paid the mortgage on time every month since October 2013 when he moved out.  It isn't doing anything but helping HIS credit.  I just need another year (or maybe not even) to find a solution and he won't budge.  Any suggestions?  

Re: New issue.

  • Do you know for certain you cannot get a home loan? Is there no equity in the home? Get in touch with a mortgage broker ASAP if you haven't already. They can let you know exactly what you need to do to qualify and how long it will take.

    If you absolutely cannot get a loan you're probably going to have to sell it. You may be able to find a house to rent that would allow you to have pets. I would start looking now. I doubt you'll find anything that will allow six cats, so you may need to come to terms with rehoming some of them. 
  • I've tried to get a deal.  The equity doesn't help because the house isn't in my name.  My dad offered to cosign hopefully that will help.  
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