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Couple Holiday Cards

Hi All,

My husband and I have been married now for four and a half years, and every year I run out to the local store, buy some cards, and sit writing them out. I have been looking online at pre-printed cards this holiday season because I am going to be particularly busy this holiday season probably won't have time to sit writing out the 60+ cards we send. This brings me to what I wanted your opinions on.

As I was looking at pre-printed cards with no photo, I can't find many I really like. They seem very impersonal. It seems like the photo on the pre-printed cards is what makes it feel (at least to me) more personal. That being said, my husband and I don't have kids or even a cat or dog to dress up and take a photo of. Would it be totally weird if I sent out a photo of us? I feel strange sending a photo (couples) card, but I guess I'm just running out of holiday cheer (and it's only the beginning of November! *Gulp*).

Anyway, I just want you to weigh in: photo holiday card of a couple-- weird or cute?

Thanks for your help!
~CaraMia~ Married to my HS sweetheart since 7/2/10 Celebrating 10 years together 6/3/12! Anniversary

Re: Couple Holiday Cards

  • I don't get why you have to have kids or pets before you are considered worthy of a photo card, go for it. This year we are using an awesome photo DH took of our house in the snow last year.
  • I hate picture Christmas cards in general because they just come of so AWish.  If you want to wish me a Merry Christmas, great, but I don't need to see a picture of you.  
  • I think Christmas newsletters are AWish, if we were close enough to talk throughout the year, I would know what you and your kids are up to. 

    I think pic Christmas cards are fine.  My husband and I are doing one this year with our puppy, but we would do one even if we didn't have a dog.
  • Thanks everyone!
    ~CaraMia~ Married to my HS sweetheart since 7/2/10 Celebrating 10 years together 6/3/12! Anniversary
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