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Would your husband like this 1st an gift?

My husband and I got married 27th last year, so this year we are trying to figure out what gifts to get each other that have to do with paper (WTH?) And well, I think I just figured it out. I'm one of those people who thinks of stuff MONTHS in advance, so that I can save up for it, not that we don't have money by any means, and I don't mind pulling out a few hundred to pay for gifts for other people, but I don't want my husband to notice all this money went missing then me have to tell him it's for his gift, I would rather it be as surprise lol, so I have an account that I put about 20 dollars a pay check into so I can buy him gifts, Christmas, anniversary, and birthday, which are all within 2 months of each other.


Anywhoooo.... I just wanted an opinion on a gift I am thinking about getting my husband this year, and wondering if you guys would like to receive it. Or if your DHs would? It has to do with paper (kind of). I was thinking of getting like a wall hanging, either canvas or wood carving, which has our last name WAGAR and then some of the history of our last name. I'll probably do canvas since it's more paper, then in 5 years do some kind of wood carving.

But what do you guys think? Would you appreciate something like that? I would probably create it on zazzle, so that it would be all custom and whatnot. But what do you think? Or any other suggestions? Since this is our first anniversary, I want it to be something to do with our last name/wedding. This year has been hard, since we haven't lived together at all. But he is living in our house in Nebraska, I'll be there by the middle of next year I hope.

Re: Would your husband like this 1st an gift?

  • I like your idea of a canvas that you could hang. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest. Congratulations on your first anniversary!



  • Your idea is really cute! I think the second year traditional gift is cotton so the canvas might fit perfect for that year. A framed paper version could be nice for the paper anniversary. 

    Here are some other ideas that I have seen done:
    - scrapbook that you add a photo to every year on/around your anniversary
    - dozen origami roses
    - map with little pins/flags for all the places you travel to together

    There are also some great ideas on Pinterest!
  • Thank you guys! I hadn't even thought about pinterest honestly. But I'm glad your supportive about it haha! I told all my friends and mother and they were awesome, I told my MIL, and she was like eh. Maybe you should go visit him instead, when she KNOWS I can't just up and leave whenever I want.
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