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How did you feel about the zoo as a child? How do you feel about it now?

Re: GTKY: Zoo

  • I loved the zoo as a child! I thought it was so much fun.

    Now, I still enjoy the zoo but I feel for the animals. We sometimes go and, maybe it is just me, but they seem so sad. I also hate people that go in and torment the animals.
  • There is an amazing zoo where I grew up so I loved going! They've done a really nice job so you feel like the animals have a lot of room, and you're not right on top of them so they have their space and people aren't close enough to bother them.  

    Sometimes I feel bad for the animals, but I think zoos can be important for conservation and education, which can help save a lot of animals. 

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    I loved zoos when i was little. We lived in a City that had a really nice one! :) So my mom took us all the time. The polar bears were always my favorite... and apparently I could tell my mom where to go to get to them when i was like 2. 

    I still like zoos, because I like seeing the animals. But like the posts above... you do feel for them if their enclosures are too small.  But for me, as long as they're being well kept, at a reputable place, i don't mind. 
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  • LOVE LOVE ZOOS!!!!  Living 20 minutes away from America's first zoo, we used to go all the time. I really want to go soon because they made a new cool exhibit where the animals walk above you.

    I also been to San Diego and wow that is so amazing. I'm going to the national zoo sometime soon too. 
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  • I loved the zoo growing up. I can do without the reptile centers and some of the others but I love the big animals and the penguins.

    I still love the zoo! My birthday is this weekend and I begged H to take me. Plus he really wants to go and it will be Ethan's first trip. We have one about an hour away and it is really nice plus it's fairly cheap to go.
  • I love(d) the zoo! I think it was one of my favorite places to go. We had two near me where I grew up.
    I don't have any very close to us now, but I would like to go soon. I just don't like the heat and constant walking that comes with going to the zoo.
  • I loved the zoo growing up and I still love the zoo. I live within 1.5 hours of a couple zoos and animal parks, so my DH and I go to one or the other a few times every year. One of the animal parks is very hands on. You can feed the giraffes and most of the barn animals. There also is a aviary. You can buy sticks with bird seeds and the birds (parakeets) will land on your hands or arms and eat from the sticks.
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    I always loved going when I was a kid...probably helped fuel my love of animals lol.

    Nowadays..I still love going but as big into photography as I am..its a battle sometimes with the hubby...he just likes to walk by and see the animals..where as I am standing there for awhile waiting for that perfect pic etc lol..

    Like when we were comming back from VA back in april and we stopped at the Living Treasures animal park and lodge...hubby was like oh it actually surprised me..Im not one for the "small touristy" zoos...but this one was very well taken care of..animals were long lived and very nice enclosures...and very interactive . Mind you I was literally the only one in there at dusk...and had my own personal "moments" with all the animals...was one of the best times :)   Hate to say it because I love for hubby to be there but that actually was really cool :)

    The funny part is when we were researching our trip to Atlanta...he was all set to go to the Aquarium until we realized the Atlanta zoo has baby panda bears....his favorite animal :)   So very excited :)
  • I love the zoo! We have a really cute little one near us where the animals are really well taken care of.
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  • My mom used to complain about how boring zoos were, that the animals just stood around, that it smelled terrible, etc. So I grew up thinking I didn't like zoos. H likes then, so we went together once (and I complained before we left, the same complaints my mom always made) and it was actually really fun! We've gone a few times since then and I always have fun. I learned to stop listening to what my mom used to say about things
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