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When to go for help? Where to go for help?

NavyNukeNavyNuke member
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Ok. So my husband and I are mil to mil navy.
I'm stationed in Charleston (in the process of a med board)
He's stationed in Washington State. 
Things are great except for, and I KNOW most of you have this issue.

I havent slept a good nights sleep since I got back from leave visiting him. 
I don't sleep well without him. I maybe get like 5-6 hours. I'll get 7-8 on a good night. I NEVER feel rested.  (I've tried going allotting myself 10 hours to sleep all the way down to 5 hours, doesnt seem to matter) I have no trouble staying asleep but the whole falling asleep part...

It's not as bad on nights when we can skype or talk, but when he's on duty or underway (sometimes I'll get a email before bed) sleep doesnt come until around balls or 0100.  I have a cat and things have gotten better since I adopted her back in Feb. (he PCSed in December/Jan)
I doubt this will ever go away, and thirty years from now when he's on a business trip or I'm on one Im pretty sure the whole not sleeping will still be there. 
It's not like he's in any danger either. He's stationed on a carrier and hasnt even been on deployment yet.

My not sleeping comes from, I think, I grew up in a house with 3 siblings, both parents, and two dogs, ALWAYS. 
Now it's just me and my cat. I don't do well with roommates and getting a dog is out of the question as I'll be moving to Washington state here pretty soon and the only dogs that both me and my husband want are quite large and traveling over 3000 miles would be too stressful on the dog. 

Anywho.... Should I be finding someone to talk to, mental health maybe?
Benedryl makes me HYPER. Tylenol PM doesnt help me sleep nor does NyQuil or ZZQuil.
Melitonin doesnt help.  Dark liquor does, but shoot of dark liquor every night is bad, i think. 
I'd rather not get a sleep aid, but should I be talking to doctor?
I feel like this is normal, but at the same time insomnia is insomnia, I think. 
Help please?
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