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"Jersey Boys" Movie....These may be spoilers so don't read if you didn't see the movie

Didn't like it.:(

Fell flat in a lot of places. The guys who portrayed Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons didn't quite attain that Four Seasons sound. They needed volcal coaches to get them to that level.

I am guessing all of the arrangements used for the original song are licensed or copyrighted --- maybe that's why the songs sounded slightly different than what the original sounds like --- or maybe the 4 of them and the arranger missed the mark.

The hair and makeup and attire was sadly lacking for the duration of the movie's time frame, which was about 1951 up until 1990 --- much much more attention was needed to detail!  Mr. Eastwood (the director) could have hired Janie Bryant from Mad Men to design the costumes and hairstyles and makeup for the entire cast, to stay true to whatever year it was.  Nobody knows fashion and design like that woman!

The wedding scene: Nobody wore a veil like that in the early 50s. Sadly lacking like I said.

And a street scene that took place in Belleville, where Manhattan could be seen in the distance: That couldn't have been Belleville! I do not live far from Belleville NJ and no way was that a scene from that town.

Sadly lacking. 

ANybody's opinions are wlecome.:)

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