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Are you happy with Obama's presidency? If yes, why? If you're not, why?

Re: Are you happy with Obama's presidency? If yes, why? If you're not, why?

  • vlagrl29vlagrl29 member
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    edited June 2014
    I could really care less at this point.  I've tried to stay away from politics lately.  I do believe he has done some things to help those that are really in need such as extended unemployment benefits during the recession and government subsidies on cobra during the same time.  I do think that ending the pre existing clause on the healthcare side is a blessing to those who never could get insurance because of such conditions or if they did they were paying out the butt in premiums.

    I think it just really depends on if you have felt he has helped any part of your life during the last 6 years.

    so I guess I would say I'm indifferent at this point ;)
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  • He needs to revoke the "Patriot Act" and send home every single guest worker.

    Importing professionals from other countries?


    We have brand new college grads who cannot find jobs in their professions --- a brand new nursing major can only find per diem work or perhaps an overnight shift. Send back all the nurses (and other allied health workers!)  from other countries, namely the Philippines. Charity begins at home.

    We have professionals with masters degrees and with many years of experience who cannot find jobs.

    Send back all the guest workers. Not needed and not warranted.
  • At this point, I can't stand any Washington stuff. When the ISIS and other jihadists are blowing up people worldwide and stabbing or kidnapping or shooting at gun point, my political leanings matter very little.

    I live near Minneapolis. Almost 20 Muslim men from this area have left the USA to go fight with ISIS.

    Our nation has bigger issues than whether Obama is great or not.

  •  More taxes and more out of pocket money for less healthcare.
     Anybody aware of just how little privacy you have from the government?
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