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bringing home another cat

catwinecatwine member
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Hello, I'm sort of doing a drive by on this board because I'm looking advice and input on a cat situation.  I currently have a cat who is almost 2 years old and have been thinking about getting a second older cat.  My cat, Venelope, is very timid and scaredy but warms up to people easily.  She usually just watches them from a distance and will approach when she is ready for them to see her.  She hasn't been around other animals since she left her mom and siblings at 6 weeks old (too young! they told us she was 8 weeks though.) and during the odd trip to the vet.

I want to get an older cat because they are usually more mellow and better behaved then a kitten but I'm not sure how Venelope would react.  I know it's impossible for you guys to know anything about her, but I'm looking for stories from you on how you introduced a second, older animal.  

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Re: bringing home another cat

  • I don't have cats (and I think introducing a new dog to the family, which I have done, is a bit different), but the Pets Board FAQs has some good tips on introducing a new cat:

    The shelter/rescue should be able to help you identify a cat who will be a good fit for your home as well.  GL!

  • thanks, I will check it out.
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  • erolliserollis member
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    edited June 2014

    I read it can take up to 6 months for some cats to be comfortable/ get a long with each other.

    We have an older cat (female) and a younger cat (male). If you look back a ways you'll probably find a post I did on them if you're interested. Both cats are doing really well now. A friend came to stay and was impressed with how happy and well behaved they were. Everyone else she knows has had problems with introducing cats (as in they never get a long and one is usually re-homed). She advised us against a second cat.

    We pretty much followed the steps in the links above & got advice from this forum. Mid July will be 6 months for them. They aren't the best of friends and all cuddly on each other but they do get along. And they both do road trips with us without an issue.
  • thanks for the comments! after talking it over with my husband we decided against a second cat.  Ours is declawed and we don't think bringing in a cat with claws is a safe idea.  Plus, I've started a new job and won't be home as much to mediate the cats.
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  • ShellD13ShellD13 member
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    edited June 2014
    I had an 8 yo calico female when we fell in love with a 15 yo orange tiger that had been at the shelter for 5 years (yup 5).  The introductions did not go well but we stuck it out now, a year later, for the most part they tolerate each other but my girl is very territorial (our vet actually confirmed that this is pretty typically - she called calicos the queen bees of the feline world ;-) ) and my boy doesn't put up with any of it.  It probably helps that the boy is deaf and can't hear the girl when she is hissing at him.

    Just be prepared and keep them separated enough to prevent injury to either of them initially.  One of the sites I was reading suggested keeping the new kitty in an mesh style carrier or dog crate and putting him/her in the room for the existing cat to sniff out to see what initial reactions might be for awhile.

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