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First world problem Friday

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Can we do this? It's fun sometimes! That and I made myself laugh yesterday with my FWP. 

We moved last weekend, and since we'd moved I hadn't been able to find the plug in for my Roomba that my mom bought us for x-mas, which meant I actually had to sweep my floors (the horror!) because the dog hair was getting out of control. I made a point of searching for it yesterday at lunch, and finally found it! Horray for automatic floor sweeping again!
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Re: First world problem Friday

  • I had to go buy tampons this morning at the store and they didn't have the kind that I liked, then to add the icing to the cupcake the sesame bagels weren't ready to be put out yet and I had to "settle" for a plain one.  
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  • H's aunt and uncle are coming over tonight and I was trying to clean up so our house wasn't a complete disaster. I loaded the dishwasher but couldn't fit it all in there. I had to wash like 3 pots this was all before 7 am. I wasn't awake enough for all that yet.
  • I have 4 suitcases that have to be unpacked and a weeks worth of laundry to do now that we are back from vacation. I also have to do some more organization to figure out where in our house we are going to put the souvenirs and the cute things I bought from Hobby Lobby out there.
  • I was trying to watch Rookie Blue last night but my HD wasn't working and had to watch it in normal!
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  • @Melissa51212 I LOVE Rookie Blue! I wait for the summer all year just because that's when the new season starts. Even better for me... it's a Canadian show! I love that it's been picked up in the States, and seems to be pretty popular! 
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  • We didn't have internet at work today

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  • Our couch didn't fit through the basement doorway when it was getting delivered last week, so we had to choose a different one *grumble* and this one we will have to wait another 4 weeks for this one to come in *grrr* I just can't watch tv on the floor anymore.
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  • spalkospalko member
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    We bought a new couch, recliner and TV this weekend. Now we have two couches in our living room until we can get the other one to my brother. Also, I think our TV is too big. FWP for sure!!
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