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Happy Friday!
Weekend Plans?
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Re: *TGIF*

  • Rants: It's been a super long week and it feels like it dragged on forever!

    Raves: My little cousins are in town for the summer!

    Weekend Plans: H's aunt and uncle offered to babysit tonight so H and I are going to dinner as adults! Tomorrow H is helping my mom with redoing her kitchen. I'm going BM dress shopping with my cousin in the morning and then going shopping. Sunday we are supposed to go visit some friends that afternoon.
  • WP:  I have some homework that I need to wrap up this weekend.  I may go picking strawberries but that's not 100% yet.  I'd like to clean out the boxes of crap that we haven't unpacked and used since we moved over a year ago and maybe have a yard sale.  I also have a massive laundry backlog to attend to

    Raves:  It's payday and both H and I are off this weekend.  I don't "have" to be anywhere at anytime this weekend. 

    Rants:  It's only 9AM and I'm ready to go home.  And I have the worst cramps from AF.  (sorry if TMI).  Lola has also decided that sneaking off and crapping in the basement is her new trick.  She's lucky she's cute.  

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  • WP: tomorrow my cousin and I are doing the 108 Sun Salutations for the summer solstice, (yogi event) Hope I don't die that is a lot haha.  I am leaving for a work conference Sunday afternoon. I hope in between just clean and maybe squeeze in a dinner date with the H. 

    Rants: I want a new job, someone hire me! 

    Raves: it is beautiful out!
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • Rants: everything at work is breaking today. No Internet (so I'm on my phone), the copier's being funny. It's been a long @$$ week and I'm ready for it to be over!

    Raves: TGIF

    WP: maybe going to see Malificent w/ H tonight. Grocery shopping & cleaning the apartment Saturday. Then whatever I want Sunday. I can't wait!!

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  • Weekend plans: Supper out tonight with H, and then shopping for curtains for the new house. Tomorrow, working on the old house to get it ready for possession next weekend, sunday will be much of the same along with groceries, cleaning and the regular weekend stuff. 

    Rants: I'm so tired. Moving, and renovating/finishing 2 houses while 7 months pregnant is NOT a good idea. Can't wait for next weekend when it will all be mostly over. 

    Raves: We did get all moved last weekend, and my mom and H's family is beyond awesome. We couldn't have done it without them. FIL has been the biggest help (which makes me miss my dad a little more than normal, because he would have been here in a heartbeat to help with everything), and while our mother's drove us crazy, they were a huge help too. Also, less than 2 months till my due date! WTF? lol 
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