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Husband wants me to have a grad party, and I don't know what to do!

I'm struggling between a few concepts. I will be graduating from college (after a long and crazy six years) and my husband WANTS me to have a graduation party. He doesn't care where it is as long as it is nicely put together. Where I live there is not much to choose from unless you want to pay through your nose. We have it narrowed down to our church or the world famous Ice Cream Parlor in the ice cream capital of the word (cringing...yes, our town is famous for ice cream). Our church is in my husband's home town which is about twenty-five miles away, which is not big deal since we go every Sunday. The church can seat about two hundred people in the basement. I was thinking about doing family pictures at the alter (my dad's side does this for special occasions and they look very nice!) The ice cream parlor is limited to a certain amount of people and has many requirements. The last option is our house, but we live on a cul-de-sac, so parking my be an issue, plus the only room to have the party would be our basement.

Second item on the agenda, he wants to serve a sit down meal. That's means everyone has to be there at a certain time, and I can see the plus and the negative of that. I have been between colors, themes, and all of that other junk, but I need help on the location and if it should be a sit down or not! What advice do you ladies have? I am horrible with making up my mind, so any suggestions would be awesome!

Re: Husband wants me to have a grad party, and I don't know what to do!

  • OtterJOtterJ member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    If you haven't already, I think there are two things that you need to determine before you do any more planning:
     - The guest list
     - The Budget

    Use the guest list to set realistic expectations of the party size (not everyone will be able to make it).  Planning a party for 20 people on a $150 budget is very different for planning a party for 100 on a $1,500 budget.  If you already have those two decisions made, could you share them with us?  It will make it easier for us to give practical suggestions. 

    It seems like your husband may have already put some thought into this.  Ask him some questions to see if he already has certain expectations.  For example:
    How formal does he want it?  Something more formal:  a catered, 3 course meal in the evening
    or something more casual:  a lunch buffet?

    Or does he genuinely not care, as long as he gets a party?

    Once the size, budget, and formality are decided, you'll probably find that some options aren't actually options.
  • We are on a $2,000 budget, but I would like to spend less. He wants different options for guests for a buffet. I have about 170 invitations going out, but now we are leaning more towards the house again. He has done wonderful work with our home and he wants to "brag" about it. My only issue is the staircase, but I do have family members who work with the elderly on a daily basis (P.T.s) so they would be more than happy to help the older individuals down stairs. My mother even mentioned to have a complete open house and have an area for the older individuals to sit as well.

    My husband as mentioned that he would go to the city to see if we can get permits for people to park on side streets as well, since he does work for the city. 

    I just feel that an open house would save us money and stress, and he is starting to agree as well. Plus, there will be many kids so I have been thinking about buying a kiddy pool and doing setting up activities in the yard for everyone, since we have a very large yard.  

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