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Newly Wed MilToMil, advice?!

MomoChunMomoChun member
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So myself and my husband just got married on the 14th of April (Yay!), and have been trying to get everything done (Were miltomil) so that were in each others DEERS and such... Yesterday he found out that he can move out off base and get an apartment. I myself do not plan (Ok forgot to say he is in Virginia and I am in Connecticut, both E-4 USN), to move out just yet. Im waiting until we can be stationed together.

Is his moving out a good idea for us to start getting an apartment ready for us when I move down there or should he wait untill my time to move gets closer. I wouldnt be able to put in for co-location untill August, so my moving there wouldnt even THINK of happening until MAYBE November this year.

Re: Newly Wed MilToMil, advice?!

  • Congratulations on your marriage. My husband and I are mil to mil (USN O3 to O2) and we lived apart for 18 months before being co-located. Why can't you put in for co-location now? As soon as you're married you should be able to contact your detailer and say that you're married and want to know what billets will be available for both of you. It may take some time before you're together (hence 18 months for us) but the detailer doesn't like things being brought up last minute, esp if you're different ratings and he needs to find a suitable duty station that helps both of you progress in your Navy careers. Another thing is if he does move out into town he could potentially find a place that's less than his BAH and be able to pocket/save the difference, otherwise your entire BAH goes towards the BEQ. However the only way I've really seen this work for enlisted is if they have roommates, then you have to think about living arrangements when you come to visit/PCS to him. I hope this helps a bit and the best towards both of you.
  • Apparently I cannot apply for Co-Lo untill I am on board my command for a year, which will be in August.
  • He'd be better off staying in the barracks until you're colocated. Furnishing an apartment is expensive. My husband I both currently have our own apartments in sc and wa st. He only has his because his barracks were full and he wanted more than his rack. He only has a futon, tv, computer desk and computer. The advantage to him having a place would be that youd have a place to be together if you go down on leave, but you're newly weds, Save the money between now and then to buy things for your place, unless your husband has things then go for it. 
    I as an E4 with single BAH pay for my rent, and all living expenses with my BAH and pocket about $10.
    It can be done, but it's hard.
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