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ovarian cyst rupture and burning sensation

hi everyone. I am new and i came here because questions and panic is driving me nuts. Heres my story, on 21th of march i was having my 1st vaginal ultrasound done by a specializant doc that found a cyst on my right ovary of 37.37mm that at 1st said it isnt dangerous then she went with The U/S pic to an experienced doc and said I Got a dermoid cyst and that i have to get a laparoscOpy date. I wanted a 2nd opinion as that seemed sloppy to me. 2nd and 3rd day after it i started to feel spiking and mild burning sensation near my right ovary. So i came a week or later and another gyn did vaginal scan saying the cyst is gone. I thought its a mistake, but it must have bursted with my period or when they poked it that 1st day when doing U/S. So a day after hearing Its gone i got more sping on right next to my bellY button. The pain travelled from there to the part of abdomen where mcburry appendix poin is down to my ovary and on my back.then i got burning sensation travelling that same way, like someone was burning my insides,it was hot, i never felt anything like it.i went to my doc saying its nothing and scheduling me the abdomen ultrasound tomorrow. Ive felt burning sensation 3 times more over the course of a few hours. Yesterday twice. It was over all my stomach now,left, right,up, down for a few min. Then it was ok then a few hr later spiking near my right belly button and pain there begins. What is that? Do i have fluid/blood flowing in? Is it life threatening? Im scared it may be my appendix and my ultrasound isnt in next 12hours.please help and advise me and if u got any experience like that, did if feel same for u? Will i have to have surgery?

Re: ovarian cyst rupture and burning sensation

  • a reply please guys?I HAD a bunch of checks today ultrasound,vaginal and abdominal and rectal and normal temp measured,drawn blood, nothing pointed to appendix and after 8hr of all the checkups i was sent home with 'if pain starts badly come to er' im already all nervous and worried my stomach stabs and i got hot sensation since i came back 2hr ago. All they found was bladder cold or is it infection the term? And gave me antibiotics. Could burning sensation be from it? But why at my right side? No one knows whats happening and im scared that maybe it is appendix but it just didnt show on tests yet, is that even possible? Im afraid to take painkillers if it is cause i read u cant feel if it hurts too much or bursts then. What To do guys? I dont know whats happening to me anymore and i want to feel normal again :( appendix scares me to death as it can be fatal and i worry i wouldnt find my symptoms at the right time
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    I will reply, but I am not sure how much help it will be. When my cyst burst it was sudden and extremely painful. I went from enjoying a family party to running a high fever (102 to 103) and having severe stomach bug like symptoms and crippling pain. I kept passing out from the pain. I was taken to the ER and given pain medication. After several hours they determined it was a cyst. Luckily it stopped bleeding on its own and I was 85% better by the next morning.
    I have had several since, but have not needed any medical intervention (surgery or other treatment) for the other cyst.
    If you have a UTI or bladder infection it can cause intense cramping and burning. It could be that. You can try AZO that they sell at the drug store.
    I hope everything resolves soon! I know how terrible they can be. If the pain is worse all you can do is seek emergency care.
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