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Fit Friday/Monday

We forgot to do this last week so we can do it today and then Friday this week.

How did everyone do with the jumping jacks challenge?

What was your bug struggle last week or over the weekend?

1st person to comment can issue the new challenge.

Re: Fit Friday/Monday

  • I somehow missed this challenge? haha

    Struggle is food as always , my work schedule is chaotic right now so its hard to fit in healthy food.  I am on a plateau too, haven't lost anymore weight but I guess not gaining is still good. I hope to try to do better with food and lose some extra lbs soon. I need 10 by june!!

    Challenge: Try to do a minute plank at least 3xs this week! 
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  • My struggle this past week was we had family in so all weekend and all last week we weren't eating as good as we should have. Although we did grill Sat. And also I have had sinus crap going on and I have this stupid cough so I am just mostly eating soft items or items that just sound good. Oh and ice cream to help my throat.

    I did ok on the challenge. Although towards the end of the week I forgot to do the second set of jumping jacks.
  • I completely forgot about the challenge, but I did work out once morning last week. I'm hoping to make that a more regular thing. 

    We left on vacation on Saturday so at some stops it was really difficult to eat well, where others weren't so bad. Luckily, we're in a timeshare, so we have a kitchen. I'm hoping we can balance unhealthy meals eating out and slightly healthier meals at home. We're also right next to the ocean and a nice boardwalk so I'm hoping H & I will take some nice long walks. We walked a mile (total) to/from breakfast this morning! 

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  • um what challenge??  LOL

    I was away all weekend for bridal shower and bacheolertte party so needless to say, I blew it this week.

    Planks Lyss?  Ok I'll do it, but I'm going to grumble the whole time.  At least you didn't say burpees......
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