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Missing my ex.

I have been divorced for two years this June after 7 years of marriage.  Even though it ended very, VERY badly, we are still friends and occasionally have lunch or a drink.  I'm starting to think I may have made a mistake by leaving.  We both had our issues and the actual divorce wasn't nasty, which is why I think we are still friends, despite the fact that he has moved on.  I respect that he has, but I suddenly miss him a lot.  More than I want to admit.  I have never been in this situation before, and have no idea what to do.  Any advice would be appreciated.  

Re: Missing my ex.

  • My suggestion would be to cut out the "friend" thing. You went through the entire divorce process for a reason. Remember what that reason was. Move on. Get him out of your life. This isn't healthy.
  • I agree with PP...

    I think your feelings of jealousy are taking over your actual emotions and it's fogging your vision. Spend a lot of time on this before doing anything. Get a counselor as soon as possible. FOR SURE.
  • I'm going to disagree. I'm not going to say that you two definitely could or couldn't make it work again, just be aware that, unless you've gone to counseling, the problems that broke up your marriage are probably still there. The period after a divorce/breakup is ideal for self-reflection as far as what happened in the relationship, your role in it, and what you've learned about yourself since then.
    If you get the feeling that your XH might want to try again, I'd strongly recommend some couples as well as individual counseling before any commitments are made. It may just be that you both are perfectly lovely people, just not right for each other.
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