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3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!


Re: 3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!

  • We're cleaning out closets and cabinets to freshen up and let go of old clutter!
  • StoofStoof member
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    We plan on going through all our boxes and donating what we don't use.  It's time to reorganize and get our home decluttered.  Then we will freshen up our decor, and make our place shine!!
  • We our getting our first home together, so we will be doing A LOT of painting!
  • So excited for a new season :) I love having paintings and pictures up on the walls, and I love re-organizing our furniture - so we'll be moving things around and adding a little spunk to the walls with new paintings and wedding pictures.

  • We have to fix our driveway since the winter put a major potholes into it! :( Wish our money could go to something fun! 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • First we are replacing all of our roofing shingles then some landscaping. Can't wait!!!
  • We are doing a lot of cleaning! Carpets, windows, ect!

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  • Painting the living room, and spare room. Also starting a garden
  • We live in an apartment right now so painting is not an option, but I plan on finding some different decorations for the walls and getting some fresh flowers inside more often!
  • My husband and I are being ambitious this year and starting with building a custom built in fire pit for our back yard, rebuilding our upper ad lower decks, redoing our bathroom (floors and all) and painting the interior of our house!
  • We are overhauling our garden by taking an old pallet and converting it to a hanging garden!
  • We are changing homes in two weeks and I am preparing myself for all new projects for out new home!
  • We need to figure out a better place to park/hang our bikes. Hoping to repurpose an outdoor closet for it!
  • We are planning to power wash the outside of the house, paint the exterior doors, and frame and hang some of our wedding pictures to decorate inside :)

  • New carpet to make the house look brighter and get rid of the old and make room for the new.

  • We finally have a dining room table again! Now that wedding-planning-central isn't taking over our space anymore, we've been able to clean & organize, and the Hubs and I have been able to have family dinners again.  Makes us both happy :)
  • JnMagJnMag member
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    Plan to paint the front door a new bright color
  • We are trying to make our house in to a home. 
    We've started on the yard, planting annuals, orange trees, and adding some mulch.
    Next project is painting the inside and outside of the house, and the on to kitchen remodeling (new cabinets, new counter tops), and then it's the remodeling of the guest bathroom.
  • SO MUCH! We are finishing our basement currently. Once it warms up we are building a fence in our backyard and doing some landsacping to add privacy from a new not so tidy neighbor we got last fall :)
  • Doing crafts with my 19 month old daughter to display more colors for the season!
  • we are adding awesome pops of color and texture to our small humble home to make it seem more bright and spacious; everything from floras to textiles and DIY furniture make overs. 
  • Planting a kitchen Living Wall herb great to be able to have fresh plants in the kitchen and fresh herbs for cooking!
  • We just bought our house last year so we don't have much sprucing up to do.  Hopefully doing some yard work if it ever warms up!
  • I am a newlywed and hopefully we will be buying a home to spruce up for the spring! We are starting to look this month and I am sure we will be doing a lot of sprucing once we get one. So until then, I am just dreaming about "sprucing" my bedroom and kitchen to the way I have always wanted them- simple, clean, and with a few natural accents. 
  • As my fiancé and I get ready to move in together for the first time, we are each trying to downsize. In order to do that we are trying to donate or trash at least 5 things week each until our wedding at the end of May.
  • We are cleaning away and airing out our apartment. Just a bit of rearranging and finding a place to put all the winter blankets makes everything much cheerier!
  • I am planning to do some outdoor hanging basket crafts.
  • We have been clearing out the clutter by donating them to Goodwill. We have also been "renewing" our old mirrors by giving them a fresh coat of paint :)
  • Add a little fresh mulch, plant a few extra plants here and there, and currently working on valance boxes.
  • Aside from changing out throw pillows to a more spring-colored variety, I will be taking a stab at gardening for the first time (wish me luck!), and I will be puppyproofing the house for my very first puppy, a little yorkie named "Azucar" (Spanish for "sugar"). A LOT of firsts this season!!
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