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3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!


Re: 3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!

  • I just bought a brand new arsenal of natural and non-toxic cleaning supplies from Better Life, I can't wait to get the grime and grease out of those hard to clean household spots!! We're also looking into new paint colors to liven up the place!
  • We finally rid our back yard of the fall leaves and my husband built planter boxes so we can have our own vegetable garden!  Looking forward to truly eating "local."
  • We're getting married this summer so we're registering for cool new home items and lots of decor! Our new house could use some sprucing up!
  • We are giving everything a very deep cleaning! Also, we are getting new pillows and hopefully a screen door so I can let the fresh air in without letting the dogs out :)
  • Getting blinds and a new curtain for our bedroom and changing the curtains in out living room
  • A Herb wall is in order and creating new art to hang in the house, my husband and I are very creative and like to keep our pad renovated. We will also be giving the pad a makeover shuffling furniture around and adding happy hour into the mix. 
  • Adding fun new accent shelves in the office :)
  • We are painting our kitchen a fresh new color (green) as well as painting our bathroom!!
  • For this Spring season I am planning on adding wall decals and hopefully (cross my fingers) a fun wall paper in the guest bathroom and bedroom.  Having colorful flowers around the house is also a GREAT way to spruce up any home! 
  • I am loving my blooming roses and i will be adding more varieties. Also, am starting on my vegetable garden. We will also add in a fountain for the birds to play at in our backyard. :)
  • We are tearing down paneling in our house and putting up brand new dry wall! We have also been working on painting three different rooms in our house! We can't wait for all this cold weather to get out of here so we can start on some outdoor improvements!
  • Organizing, cleaning, and getting some indoor plants!!!

  • kss20kss20 member
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    Planting "wild" flowers around the shed.  We wanted something fun with a mix of different flowers and colors that can grow freely.
  • We are spring cleaning and getting new paint
  • I live with family.. But move around the furniture... And keep the front lawn free of weeds... !!! Yay AZ heat!!!
  • Planting flowers around the front of the house and a garden in the back!  We will also be painting a few rooms.
  • We just painted our master bedroom last weekend, theme: seaglass! We also plan on updating the landscape and working on an outdoor patio area.
  • I am sprucing up the house with new comforter sets in the bedrooms, new towels, rugs and shower curtain in the rest room, purchasing new picture frames for our wedding pictures that I just got, new curtains in the living room, dinning room and maybe even a new piece of furniture for the living room or bedroom.
  • We just moved into our first apartment after being married and we are still in that long process of settling in and getting rid of all of the clutter that we don't need. We have two of everything it seems! lol
  • We'll be bringing the outside in! Leaving the windows open to the fresh air and introducing air purifying plants. Also not forgetting a nice new soy candle to complement the spring weather. Can't wait!
  • I'm adding fresh flowers inside my house & have added new throw pillows.  I am also trying to organize better. 
  • With brand new house this would be very helpful!
  • Plant more flowers, if the snow ever melts!
  • We're getting our garden ready and doing some general updating of the lawn.
  • Our place is still a bit disheveled from moving in a few months ago, so I think my goal will be to come up with some fun organizational projects!
  • We have been remodeling our house since last fall! This spring we are tackling the kitchen!! We are painting painting painting!!!! We have taken off the doors of the cupboards to sand and paint a fresh white color! And we are planning to paint the kitchen yellow! It is fun and exciting and we can't wait to have our fresh and "new" kitchen!! :)
  • To spruce up our home this spring...I'm organizing. We recently got married, so I'm combining His and Hers, plus our gifts, and trying to make it all fit in our apartment.
  • As a newly married couple were having people over all the time. We're trying very hard to decorate and get things going. It's hard to find the little things that make your house a home.
  • Going through all of our clothes to see what needs to be thrown and or donated. Also going through off of the closets to declutter.
  • I've been doing at least one pinterest project a week to spruce our house up for spring. I focus on one room at a time, and clean and organize it, then move on to the next project. It's a fun challenge! 
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