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3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!

NestCaylaNestCayla admin
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Answer the question below by 11:59 EST tonight for a chance to win!

What are you doing this season to spruce up your home? 

Today's Prize: Umbra Product Bundle
Bundle includes one of each: Bento Cut & Prep, Slice Bread Box, Napa Wine Rack, Pelica Book Prop

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Re: 3/26/14: five days of freebies- day three!

  • We have a lot of yard work we would like to do in addition to painting the outside of the house.
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Adding pastel & brightly colored decor to the walls.
  • We have a lot of things. Outside we are cleaning up and planting so flowers and trimming some trees. Inside we are cleaning out the house and also finally getting pictures hung up. Also we are planning to have a yard sale to get rid of quite a few things.
  • We currently live in an apartment and we aren't allowed to paint :( but I painted a picture and plan on framing that and putting it up and changing up some decorations around the house. And try to have fresh flowers in the apartment more often!
  • We're actually buying our first home! Tomorrow will be our fourth anniversary and we've only lived in rentals. So we have our work cut out for us. We'll be sprucing up and overhauling a lot this season. The sprucing up I'm most excited about is painting now that I can finally personalize my living space the way I'd like instead of facing these asylum white walls everyday!
  • We just bought our first home last month so there is much "sprucing" to be done! 
    We plan to spend the next several weeks working on our yard and landscaping as well as prepping for our summer garden.  Once that is done we'll move inside to organize our bedrooms and kitchen!
  • We are about to update some kitchen appliances to stainless steel and paint the kitchen a light green (after removing the hideous floral wallpaper!).  We are also planning our garden for the summer to include some peppers, tomatoes, and herbs.
  • Adding in a new flower bed and increasing our veggies and herb garden. Also looking to donate a lot of unused items in our house which will also help spruce up!
  • My husband and I are starting to look for a house to call our own and for every home we look at we discuss painting. My husband and brother in law are professional painters so I am a lucky girl to have such talent in the family :)
    For our current duplex we are not allowed to make any physical updates, but updates will be rearranging furniture and hanging our wedding photos :)
  • We're going to finally create a sitting area in our front room.  It's been empty for so long and there's great light so it will be the perfect spot to read in the morning.
  • We just bought our first house this past weekend and move in at the end of June!!! We are so very excited!  The first thing we are going to do is utilize the empty vegetable gardens in the backyard and fill them with veggies and herbs so that we can FINALLY start having more fresh options for cooking!
  • We just bought our first house so we still have a lot of sprucing up to do! First things on the list are designing our master suite retreat and creating my dream kitchen! 
  • We are doing a huge spring cleaning and starting a vegetable garden!
  • I bought some new couch pillows for the living room and am planting spring flowers in our flower bed this weekend! 
  • We are buying our first home this year and we will be doing a lot of different things to make it homey!
  • We are buying our first home this spring! We plan to do a lot of clean up in the front and back yards along with a new coat of paint to our detached garage and front porch posts. Inside, we are planning to remove the floral wallpaper in the kitchen, just not our style. After that is removed we plan to add a light paint color to brighten up the kitchen. 
  • I am working on finding and framing pictures to our house of our recent wedding and new adventures which will finally personalize our home. :)
  • We are buying patio furniture - FINALLY!  We've been at our apartment for almost 2 years, and have never found the right patio furniture. This year, we are determined to make our little outdoor patio - a little piece of heaven with comfy furniture, a fresh garden, and twinkly lights!
  • My new husband and I have nearly completed our "bar" room, with two swivel chairs, a little round side table to go in between the chairs, an eccentric buffet piece that serves well as a bar, and two side table lamps on top of the bar to set the mood. We've also planted succulents and vincas in beautiful planters in our backyard (which is mostly made of concrete) just to bring some color into the yard. Our house is slowly coming together!
  • I am buying a new house in April and we will be organizing, painting, decorating and landscaping right away!
  • We're doing yard work. Planting new trees, re-mulching the plant beds, treating the yard for weeds.
  • We are completely renovating the house we recently bought. Next step is the roof!
  • We are buying our first home, so I'm going to clear out all of our closets and start clean and fresh in our new space.
  • We are finally moving into an apartment together right before our wedding. I'm so excited to make it our own!
  • We are doing a deep clean since we moved in almost a year ago now! I can't belive a year's gone so fast.
  • Just moved into my home this year so it's a total make over adding grass daisies (my favorite) and many many veggies
  • We are trying to give our home a new look by rearranging all of our framed pictures around the house as well as including out new framed Ketuba (Jewish Marriage Contract)! 
  • It is all about PAINT! I am planning to repurpose a lot of old items from yard sales and our home for flower pots and seed pots. Really want that colorful and eclectic look for our porch and yard.
  • So excited for Spring! To spruce things up I am re-accesorizing and updating my bedding with a cheery coverlet. New throw pillows on the sofas. Even just changing some small things make a big difference!
  • we are painting all the rooms, adding drapes and getting new living room furniture!
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