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GTKY: Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts or super natural things? Why or why not?

Re: GTKY: Ghosts

  • I certainly do. When I was a small child, I used to play with them and talk to them. My mom thought I was just imagining things until I started talking to Joe. When my dad heard about it, he he told my mom that Joe was his uncle that had lived in and passed away in our house and my bedroom was his room. The strangest things have happened in my house growing up. 
  • @mildlymailyn you've officially creeped me out this morning! 

    I guess I believe in them. I know of too many stories like Mailyn's, where kids see things that adults can't. I used to work in an old theater and one day the maintenance man told me he was in the mezzanine with his young daughter and she asked him who that man was. There was no one else up there with them! 

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  • I go back and forth with what I believe. I have never had an expierence with anything but I do believe in spirits. Since MIL died in our house I do have moments where I feel like she is still with us. Also our baby monitor picks up lots of sounds from that part of our house when no one is near there. Do I believe she moves around and haunts us, no not at all!
  • I think I believe in them. Never had an experience thank goodness. And I'd be fine if I never did lol my imagination already messes with me as it is.


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