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Do I Have to Go

Mostly just me bitching, so I apologize in advance :)

This fall a friend of my husband's from HS is getting married. H is part of the wedding party and I know absolutely no one from this group of people with the exception of the friend and his parents. I've never even met the soon-to-be Mrs. H was talking to the groom last night and he said that they want all the GM to arrive on Thursday morning so they can try their tux on to make sure everything fits. If not, they can get a new tux within 24 hours. Whatever, it makes sense, but it is still super annoying because now you are asking us to make your wedding a 4 day event. Not to mention we have to drive 3.5 hours to get to this event, going on Thursday would require us to both take time off of work and spend an extra night in a hotel room plus an extra night boarding our dogs. Friday, the groom wants all the guys to go golfing and H would have to pay for that too! Basically, what I am getting at is that I don't want to spend all the money that is going to be needed for this wedding. I know I sound like a big bitch but they have invited over 600 people so I have visions of this giant cluster fuck of a wedding where I won't see me H. How do I tell my H that I don't want to go? Do I even have that option? 

Thanks for listening to me ladies! I'm sure it won't be the first time I complain about this certain event :) 

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Re: Do I Have to Go

  • I would at least talk to your H about it. I probably wouldn't be keen on this either. I hate when H or I are in a wedding and the other isn't. And to ask everyone to take four days is a lot! 

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  • 600 people?! I don't even know that many people.

    Is there anyway that you could go separately? Spending 4 days there when you know no one sort of sounds like a nightmare to me. Normally, I'd say that you probably have to go but in this situation, I would try to get out of it and send H alone but I'm a hermit so take that with a grain of salt lol.
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  • I was going to ask the same thing, can you go just to the wedding, meet him there?
    I would approach it as a financial thing that you are saving on dog care if you are home and even if its just him maybe he can go in on a room with other groomsman.  My H is pretty practical if I brought it up about the money and how he wouldn' have to "babysit" me  I think he would be fine leaving me home haha
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  • I say you probably have to go to the wedding. As for the events leading up to the event I would say no. I agree approach it as a money issue and maybe you can just mert up with him Friday afternoon when you get there. That way you are there for the RD and the wedding but you aren't stuck alone for 2 whole days before and ya'll save a little money.
  • I mentioned to H about me not going at all and he said that if he has to suffer through it, so do I. I might just go up on Saturday even though I'll have to drive the truck but I'd rather save on dog care than gas. Maybe in a month or so I'll approach the topic again to see how he feels about me skipping the whole event. I just don't want to sit around a hotel room in BFE for two days all alone!
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  • I feel your pain....thankfully I found a way outta our issue...granted hubby prolly lost his former best friend...but it was out of our control :(   

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