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Neighbor's Barking Dogs :(

Hi everyone, :)

The street behind us has many homes and many barking dogs. I'm talking all morning so far and this has been going on for a year. I seriously don't know which houses the dogs are barking from, but we do want to write an anonymous note as nicely as possible. Any tips on how to say it kindly and which houses to send the note to without sounding too accusatory?

Thank you!!

Re: Neighbor's Barking Dogs :(

  • I would probably just start out with saying hi, we don't mean to be rude... but could you possibly keep your dogs quiet in the morning? The constant barking bothers us... please and thanks... 

    Another thing I would do is check to see if your city/town has a noise rule. I know in ours, if the dogs bark for longer than 10 minutes, you can get the police involved. Usually they would prefer for you to talk to the neighbor first, so I would still do the note or personally say hi if you are comfortable with that. 
  • Thank you :) definitely helpful.
  • The people may be at work or getting ready for work and don't realize the dogs are barking (or they don't care). 

    I would go for a walk when it's going on to find out where it's coming from. The write them a letter like @moonprincessd suggested. If that doesn't help, send them another one with a gentle reminder of whatever the ordinance is. Good luck! 
  • Also, if you do find out who it is, feel out the situation regarding actually speaking to them. We have dogs that bark constantly whenever they are out behind us. I saw the neighbor out one day and struck up a conversation. I didn't even mention the barking and she told me they were working on training the dog and apologized. 

    Turns out he goes nuts over squirrels, then the small dog barks because the big dog is barking. It hasn't really subsided, but it's not constant and now that I understand, it doesn't bother me as much. I've sort of gotten used to it.

    I've found most annoying neighbor things don't bother me as much if I know the people. Unless they are jerks...then everything annoys me lol!
  • Definitely good advice, thank you!!
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