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2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)


Re: 2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)

  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is the first Valentine's Day with my now-husband.  We went to our favorite restaurant, the one we went to on our first date. It was just wonderful.
  • My 7-year-old son made this card for me at school yesterday.   Apparently confused with capital and lower case letter T.  Was laughing for an hour.  Best card ever!
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    Cooking my then boyfriend now husband dinner for our first Valentine's Day together. My cooking has been fairly infrequent since then (he is the better cook) but it was a fun way to show him how much I cared!


    This is such a great giveaway! Thank you!

  • My most memorable Valentine's Day was the year I received a turtle paperweight.  It's memorable, only because the gift was awful.
  • The first Valentines Day my now husband and I were dating, we both went all out to impress each other.  He bought me cupcakes from my favorite bakery, I made him a cheesecake, and the restaurant we went to brought us a complimentary dessert.  So many sweets- we ate for days! 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is from last boyfriend and I were about to go out to dinner, and I decided to give him my gift before we left. I had made a little booklet out of playing cards, "52 Reasons Why I Love You" (something I found on Pinterest!), and had a picnic basket put together of wine, cheese, and other little things. As he began to read the booklet, he and I both started to get emotional...he was so touched because no one had ever made him something like that! All of a sudden he got down on one knee in front of me and began to tell me how much he loved me, and then asked if I would be his wife! I was so shocked I thought he was joking! Finally I said yes and he reached over to a drawer and pulled out the ring! It was the sweetest proposal, and I loved that it was simple, quiet, and all to ourselves. After all the excitement died down we finished getting ready and went out to have the best date ever. :) I was completely surprised that night, and now this year I get to celebrate with my HUSBAND!!! :)
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is going to happen tomorrow..
    My fiance and I went on our first date to the aquarium. Now, a little over 2 years later, and 2 weeks away from our wedding, we're going back for our last Valentine's day before being married. And I just got a new camera at our bridal shower that I'm pretty excited to use! Our first picture as a "dating couple" was on that first date, too.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was from the first year hubby and I were dating. We spent the night in, cooked a delicious meal of lobster tails and enjoyed our favorite bottle of wine. We intended on watching a movie together but ended up sitting at my dining room table talking for hours about our dreams for the future, work and childhood memories. It was perfect.

  • We always pull out a bottle of wine when we want to set a romantic mood. Last Valentine's Day, my fiance', now husband, met me at the door with a glass of wine. There was music in the background and lobster on the table. What a treat!!!!!!
  • The first memory that comes to mind is last year, when I tried to make special tortellinis with a potato dough. The dough kept falling apart and it took foreverrrrrrrr! It wasn't ready until after 10 and at that point we were both hangry and annoyed. At least the wine was ready on time :)
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when my husband brought me back a heart-shaped pizza from the MECCA of all pizza places...Denino's in Staten Island. He also left me a trail of love notes that lead to a vase of beautiful roses. I will never forget that Valentine's Day. My husband and I have been through a heck of a lot lately, and that's a memory that will forever hold near and dear to my heart. 
  • I'm excited for our first Valentine's Day being married!  We are going to order pizza and drink wine in bed.  Bliss!
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