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2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)


Re: 2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)

  • My husband and I spent our first married valentine's day together, house hunting. It was a sweet holiday shopping for our first home and romantic to dream about our future together. Not exactly a thriller but definitely sweet.
  • My worst was my first Valentine's with my now husband.  He took me on a road trip up to visit his hippy friends who lived off the grid (meaning no electricity and no plumbing).  It was a horrible weekend!
  • My most favorite Valentines Day is actually going to happen this year. We get to share with our families that we are expecting our first baby! I am so excited and this could not be any more perfect! Nothing will ever top this <3 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is the time my fiancé surprised me and came to visit during our freshman year of college. My roommate let him in but I had just left for the gym. He had her call me and pretend she needed help picking out clothes/packing for her trip. He even got my mom to call me and try to convince me that it was getting late and that I should skip the gym. I refused everyone's efforts and when I got back a hour later I was so surprised and happy that he was there. I did feel badly for making him wait though...
  • My favorite valentines memory was when my husband surprised my with a trip to Stillwater where we were to celebrate my birthday, also on the 14th. He surprised my with a proposal!!
  • My favorite memory was with my husband (fiance at the time), our first apartment, with our new dog, a bottle of champagne and a meal we made together. So simple I loved it. 
  • My favorite Valentines day memory was when my then bf, now husband, and I were in undergrad in LA. I had mentioned that I had never gone to a bonfire on the beach before. So on Valentines day that year he bought firewood, smores supplies, and wine and wrote in his card that he was taking me to the beach for a romantic beach bonfire. He had his car already backed with jackets and blankets and all the other supplies. It was a wonderful night. 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was the first one with my husband back when we were newly dating.  We had an absolutely amazing and memorable time in Boston.  We went to the aquarium during the day and had a blast being with each other, we also walked around Boston and had the most delicious dinner at a well known restaurant.  I knew he was the one when he offered me the last shrimp, because he is just so sweet and he always likes to do things that will make me happy.  At night we told each other that we were falling for each other and we just cuddled and were so loving and sweet with each other.  It was truly the best Valentine's Day because that is when we fell in love! 
  • Favorite Valentine Moment is my husband now and I dated 12 years ago. We split up for 12 years and we both married other people. We still continued to stay friends even though we both went different ways. I moved off and he so did he. One day I was coming home to visit and so was he and he asked me back out. Long story short our first Valentines day 12 years ago consisted of one long red steamed rose a card and a small diamond band. We thought we were inseparable. Turns out we were. To this day we have been married for 6 months have a beautiful son 6 week old son together that wwe found out I was pregnant with at 7 months and so this Valentines Day will include our miracle baby and a night at home celebrating! Couldn't ask for a better date then these two men!!
  • My husband and I are shift workers and work odd hours. This means that we may not be awake and see each other for days even though we live in the same house. I got up Monday morning to him getting ready for work. He told me a box had been delivered but he didn't know where it came from. I eventually got up and discovered he had gotten me a dozen roses. I had figured that we probably wouldn't get the opportunity to celebrate valentines day. This was a pleasant surprise!
  • My favorite valentines Day memory was a couple of years back with my now husband. We chose not to do the standard Valentines Day thing like dinner, flowers, ect. Instead we spent the day in bed away from social media and television and talked with each other about our past and our funny stories and found even more reasons to love each other. It was a great day, it felt like like we just met for the first time.
  • The last 5 Valentine's Days have been my favorite because it was also the day I started dating my husband! We have a new anniversary since we got married last year, but V-Day will always be special for us!

  • My favorite Valentine's memory is when my then-fiance came for a surprise visit at my college apartment. I didn't have a clue he was coming and I thought we would just celebrate on a different weekend.
  • In high school I went to a Valentine's Day dance with my boyfriend who was super sweet and bought me roses. However my best guy friend who I had a huge crush on came to the dance as well and I spent the whole night with him instead. Two days later I broke up with my boyfriend and started dating my best friend. Ooops at least we then dated for 3 years!
  • One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories was 4 or 5 years ago when my husband and I were still dating.  I was in college and had classes all day.  I lived in a nice little RV park down by the river in my college town, and while I was at school during that day, my guy asked the park if they would be bothered if he set up a table on the top of my RV so we could have dinner there.  They obviously didn't mind and thought it was sweet.  So I came home from school to a table, fully prepared meal and drinks, all sitting on top of my RV waiting for me.  It was so creative and fun.  It's definitely a Valentine's I will never forget. 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is getting valentines from the kids I was teaching on a year that I didn't have a grown-up valentine.
  • My Favorite Valentine was the first one I spent with my now husband.  We both cooked together to make each other something special.  It was extravagant with appetizers and dessert.  We sat down with a glass of wine and enjoyed the elaborate meal we made together.  We were able to spend quality time together.  It was such a success that is our new tradition.
    My worst Valentine's was with my ex-boyfriend.  He showed up with a bag from Target with a toilet mat and a shower caddy.  He was tired of standing on the cold floor when he went to the bathroom.  Basically the gifts were for himself instead of me.  We watched TV and fell asleep.  
    I definitely upgraded!!!! Love my Husband!
  • My worst Vday memory was the year when I spent the morning at a courthouse finalizing my divorce.  Sweet irony?

    Luckily the last several years have included spending it with an amazing man and our sweet puppy.  : )

  • My favorite Valentine's Day was the time my boyfriend cooked a nice dinner for us and we ate by the lit fireplace. It was nice to have a relaxing evening together. 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when we decided to say in and cook dinner together instead of going out to a crowded restaurant.  It was one of the most romantic dinners we have ever had! We have kept that tradition ever since!
  • I was working abroad and my boyfriend, now husband, sent me a package with cards, my favorite candy and one of his t-shirts.  Having the smell of him near even when we were so far apart was wonderful.  He had to prepare it a month in advance so that it would get there on time!  
  • My best Valentine's Day was 3 years ago.  My boyfriend is in the Navy and was stationed outside of Chicago, so I flew out to see him for the weekend.  He didn't get me a gift, but he wanted to take me to see Blue Man Group - he called the day of, and they didn't have any tickets.  But, he tried back again and they somehow had 2 tickets (great seats!).  

    I think he had tricked me and purchased them earlier and wanted to surprise me!  It was a great show - we got dressed up, met a blue man and then went to a romantic dinner afterwards.  It was one of my favorite dates that we have ever been on, and he was my first Valentine and I know he'll be my last. 
  • My favorite Valentine's date memory is surprising my husband with romantic cooking lessons - we spent 3 hours with 3 other couples, cooking, drinking champagne, and laughing while we prepared our meal, then enjoyed it together. It was an evening full of joy, bubbly, and brought us closer together.
  • My favorite Valentines Day memory is of V-Day three months into my now husband (Josh) and I dating. I had schemed with his roommate to let me in really early and bring josh breakfast. Unfortunately that morning his roommate didn't answer my calls or texts. Remembering that their window didn't lock, I set down the bag of food, used every muscle I had to open the window and climbed on in. I was terrified I was going to be seen and mistaken for a burglar but luckily I made it in and surprised him :)
  • jdavinojdavino member
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    Last year - a friend and I had been flirting back and forth for months while he was overseas and several weeks after he got back he came by and surprised me with a visit. Of course it was like a comedy show with me running around the house getting ready before I saw him (it had been years) and he was one of my first crushes!

    Of course I think that visit is what helped steer the relationship gods my way cuz a few weeks later I met the man of my dreams and I'm looking forward to spending our 1st Valentines day together tomorrow :).
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my now husband picked me up from work and in the back seat was a huge teddy bear buckled in.  We spent the evening together; it nothing fancy but super sweet.  My nieces have since kept the bear and he couldn't have asked for a better home. 
  • Even though this Valentines Day hasn't happened yet, it has already been the most eventful. It will be the first for my love and I as husband and wife. However, I won't get to celebrate it until after Valentines Day. He is at military training and graduates tomorrow. I was supposed to be there but yesterday I and my parents were in an accident trying to get there and rolled our truck three times down a hill. Even though I won't be able to spend the actual day with him, he will be back home the next day and we are going to exchange the gifts that have been waiting for months to be given and enjoy more then anything getting to see each other for the first time in over a month!
  • My husband and I have been dating since high school, but we go even further back! In the 5th grade we were "going out," which really meant we avoided each other and hardly spoke. I remember insisting on buying a small bottle of Abercrombie cologne for his Valentines Day gift, which I brought to school and gave to him discreetly. He hadn't gotten the gift memo, but he handed over a Hallmark card that said "SWAK" (sealed with a kiss) on the outside of the envelope. Feeling extremely excited over the "SWAK" factor, but also feeling a bit gypped, I went home that day without a gift. I was laying on the family room floor later that evening, recounting my day to my mom, when we heard a knock on the front door. It was my 5th grade sweetheart, in his black winter coat, holding one long-stemmed red rose. He extended his arm to give it to me and said, "Sorry I didn't get you a present." We were both so nervous and embarrassed! I gave him a hug, said thank you, and off he went. 

    Although we dated for six years from late high school through college before getting married, I still consider that 5th grade Valentines Day to be our sweetest, cutest and most humorous Valentines Day so far. It truly captures the butterflies-in-the-tummy and the young love that I felt at that time in life. It's also sweet to know that the first person (outside of family) to give me flowers ended up being my husband later in life. :) 
  • This is our first Valentine's day as a married couple. Unfortunately, I have to work 2 jobs on Valentine's day. So my super sweet husband planned something special every night this week, homemade dinner, movie night, etc., so we wouldn't miss out.
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