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2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)


Re: 2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)

  • My NOT so favorite Valentine's was about 5 years back when my boyfriend at the time pulled a NO show for our date night and left me alone waiting by the phone. After 3 hours passed I opened some dark chocolate and wine and relaxed (on pins & needles still waiting for a call) on the couch. Only to finally get a call the next day that he was sorry and "oh by the way" we were breaking up. Found out he was on a date with another girl!

    Several years later, now married and spending my first Valentine's day with my husband, I am looking to surprise him with a fun night and his favorite glass of white wine. (In a tent set-up in the living room with Christmas lights, dinner basket with cheese and wine and our doggies!) maybe playing some camping games since we love camping and being together! (But we live in MN so will be camping indoors due to negative 20 degrees and snow outdoors!) I can't wait to surprise him!
  • I think this story fulfills both categories! On my first Valentine's Day with my soon-to-be husband, we had a perfect storm of awful things happen to us. First we went to a very upscale restaurant for drinks and appetizers. We ordered a cheese and cracker plate and it came out with no crackers! We asked the waitress and she told us they were out of crackers, which is crazy. Why did she let us order that appetizer? I have no idea. We ate the cheese and sausage on oyster crackers. Next we went to a Japanese Steak House for dinner, the kind where they flip shrimp into your mouth, and other grill tricks. A couple of minutes into the show, the chef lost control of his spatula and knocked several drinks right on to my boyfriend. He was completely soaked from the waist down. After that, the chef was obviously shaken and was afraid to do any challenging tricks at all, so that was also disappointing. My fiance was mortified at first, but by the end of the night we were in hysterics about it. Now we try to stay in on Valentine's Day, and just try not to spill anything on each other!
  • I was at work on Valentine's Day and my boyfriend lived in another town. He surprised me by having his best friend (who I didn't know was in town) deliver a bouquet of red roses to me at my office!
  • A few years ago my boss and I flew to NYC for a business meeting.  When we arrived it was snowing but we decided to wander around and look for a place to eat dinner.  Everywhere we went had super long lines and we couldn't figure out what the fuss was all about since it was so cold out.  It finally dawned on me it was Valentine's Day!  We both looked at each other, went um..., walked to Chipotle and got burrito bowls to go.  I enjoyed dining alone in my hotel room after the awkward situation!
  • One of the best Valentine's dinners was when we went to Buca Di beppos and they were so overbooked that they sat another couple at our table. We still made the best of it, and will never forget the night.
  • One year I was making a standard crock pot roast beef dinner for Valentine's... this must have been three years ago, now... and had everything set up and cooking on the counter of my now Fiance's kitchen counter. He lived with three other college guys, one of them particularly challenged when it came to anything in the kitchen. This roommate of his, while attempting to make a pot of coffee or toast or something, unplugged the crock pot by mistake without realizing it early in the afternoon. The rest of the afternoon my boy and I were wondering why we weren't able to smell the dinner cooking, but didn't think much of it as we were busy doing other things. That evening when we were ready to have supper, I open the lid to the crock pot and realize nothing has been cooked. I notice the plug sitting on the counter, then everything makes sense. We couldn't smell it because it wasn't even cooking! We laugh about it now but ohhhh goodness I was so cranky at the time. Our first Valentine's dinner together was ruined. His roommate apologized and by that time it was just funny and all of the crankiness had passed. My boy and I went down the street to a sandwich shop and had sandwiches and soup for dinner... we were the only ones in the whole place, big surprise. We still joke about it every year. :)
  • My husband isn't a big fan of Valentine's day. He says it outshines his birthday which is the day before. As much as he dislikes it he tries to make it special for me. So far we have only been together for two and I simply love both.

    Our first Valentine's day two years ago, my husband was on his way to his next duty station, he is in the Navy. He had stopped in Las Vegas for his birthday while driving across the country and lost his phone while out celebrating. It was our first one and we couldn't spend it together. My friend, no so subtly, told him what my favorite flowers were. On Valentine's day I received a big bouquet of my favorite flowers and I couldn't even call him to thank him.

    Last Valentine's day I had been working at my new job for a month and he sent me a bouquet of tulips and purple irises because that's my favorite color. The card read "I love you. Now come home from work and give me a kiss." When I got home from work he had the table set and was in the process of making one of my favorite meals.

    This year, he won't be able to get off the ship to celebrate with me but that's fine, because we are celebrating his birthday at our favorite restaurant.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day ever was spent with my younger sister. We spent the entire day together...sitting in Starbucks people-watching (so fun to see guys walking by with roses and couples laughing together!), walking around downtown, having a fancy dinner. People associate Valentine's Day with spending time with a romantic partner, but I think spending time with any of the people you love can be just wonderful!
  • I share Valentine's day with my mother-in-laws birthday...nuff" said.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was last year when my fiancee (now husband) and I went to pick out our wedding rings, had our cake tasting and then had a beautiful dinner on the Hudson. We go there every February 14th now! 
  • my favorite memory is having a nice night in with my boyfriend (now husband), a bottle of champagne, chocolate, and dancing!
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when my husband and I said,'I DO".   This is our first married and I feel that this would be a great gift for our Anniversary.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day was before my husband and I had begun dating. We were still only best friends in high school, and he made me a valentine out of red construction paper and lined notebook paper. It was shaped like a heart with the nickname he used to call me written on the outside. When I opened it up, it had a folded-up piece of paper on the inside where he'd written down a list of everything he loved about me. We started dating a few months later, and we got married in August of 2013.
  • My favorite Valentine's day was the first one with my husband (then boyfriend) because we said I Love You to each other for the first time.
  • My favorite valentines day was last year. My husband and I found out we were pregnant :)) Our son is 3 month old and we couldn't be happier. I'd take that over chocolate and flowers ANY day. Now I have two men in my life.
  • One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is my first Valentine's Day with my husband (boyfriend at the time). We were both 19 and both of us had never had a Valentine before. He had to work that night, so we celebrated the next day. We first became friends after meeting up with our siblings at a concert and had enjoyed going to concerts together (still do!). I printed out a bunch of photos from the concerts we'd gone to together and wrote song lyrics from the bands under each photo in the album. I had a blast putting it together, but was also nervous about whether it'd be something he'd appreciate. He loved it! Now, 6 years later, this will be our first Valentine's Day married. We both still love going to concerts together, and he still has that album of concert memories from before we were even dating! It's fun to think back to those times and the fact that now all these years later we're married! :) And still having a blast as best friends too!
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was Valentine's Day 2012!! My honey was in charge of planning Valentine's Day that year.. He went all out! He had a limo pick us up from home. The limo was decorated with red roses and red balloons. We cheered with some of our favorite drink during the surprise limo ride.. We eventually arrived to the Van Nuys airpot where we took a helicopter ride and hovered all over beautiful Los Angeles. We came to a stop on one of the tallest mountain in Maliby where there was a perfectly placed picnic table where we could oversee the coastline and the the sun set with perfect timing. We cheered with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries as well as some red velvet cupcakes! The pilot took a walk and my honey shared some very romantic thoughts.. before I knew it, he went down on one knee, and proposed! I had no clue whatsoever that this was going to happen. I joyously screamed "YES!" and we hugged, kissed, and took so many pictures!! It was so perfect! When the pilot returned he returned us to the airport, where the limo drove us to Medieval Times and we enjoyed an entertaining night with delicious food. 
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my husband and I were newly engaged and we decided to not spend money or go out to eat, but have a nice romantic evening in my apt with Chinese takeout. My roommate at the time agreed she was going to be spending the night with her friend and I could have the apt to myself. I'm a very clean and organized person but when we got to my apt, it looked as though a tornado ran through my entire place. There were empty beer cans, trash, dishes piled up high with food caked onto it, crumbs and left over food out, just a pure disgusting mess. I was mortified, but my husband knew it was the roomie (I spent the previous night at his house). Out of anger I cleaned the entire apt and I placed  the dishes and beer cans she left out, in a plastic bag and hung it up with a note that said "Please Clean." 

    When I finished my cleaning rant, I came into the living room to find that my husband set up the Chinese food and surrounded the entire living room with rose petals and candles and said we were going to watch PS. I love you. He put the DVD in and it turned out to be pictures and video set to music from the time we met right up to before the engagement. Just when I thought it was done, the music changed to our wedding song, and he had pictures of the day he proposed. Apparently, he had his friends plotted all around Central Park taking pictures of the big day and that big moment. It was so special, so romantic, and I felt so loved. 

    A week later my roommate and I had outs and I was able to get out of my lease. My husband and I got our first apt together and started planning our wedding. I think back on it now and you know?- I'm kind of thankful for that messy roommate! 
  • my favorite was when i sent my husband on a valentine's day scavenger hunt
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is the first Valentine's Day spent with my husband (boyfriend at the time). We were in college and he came to pick me up at my sorority house and called me to come downstairs into the courtyard of the sorority house. When I walked out of the door, he was waiting for me with a bouquet of beautiful red roses in hand and all dressed up standing in the courtyard waiting for me, it was adorable! We then enjoyed a romantic five-course dinner at our favorite restaurant in town. It was the perfect night and a wonderful memory for us to share! :)
  • When my husband and I were first dating Valentine's Day came after we'd only gone out twice. I was somewhat relieved that he had to work that night because it seemed a little too early to do a Valentine's thing together. However, I got the flu really bad and after work he stopped by with a huge red bag of everything you could need to get better. Saltine crackers, orange juice, a movie, cough drops, vitamin C, etc. On each item he placed an individual sticky note with a reason why that item was in the bag. It was the perfect Valentine's Day.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory - is every day - we don't really make February 14th into that big of a deal because every day together is a celebration of how far we've made it and what a beautiful future we have to look forward to.
  • My favorite Valentines day as a single lady was seeing a show and having some dessert at a coffee shop with some girlfriends. Lots of fun and laughs. My favorite in a relationship would be last year. My fiance and I went to a local steakhouse with great food and just enjoyed each others company!
  • laurenpb24laurenpb24 member
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    It was two years ago Valentines Day which fell on a Tuesday.  My boyfriend at the time was busy with work because of the snowy weather and ignoring the fact that Valentines day was approaching.  We aren't really the type of people who celebrate valentines day just some cards and a gift here and there.  This year the day came up and I gave him two cards and I got nothing.  Again not really expecting anything but at least a card would have been nice.  I didn't say anything to him just let it go. Well Friday came three days after Valentines Day and he asked if I wanted to sneak away for the night to Atlantic City.  Of course I said yes thinking oh good you are making up for no card.  Well we get to the hotel room (Borgata) and after I am done getting ready he gets down on one knee and proposes to me!!! Later after drinking champagne and calling our families he gives me my valentines day card.  Such a stinker!!  :P
  • My favorite Valentines's Day was last year. I surprised my now husband with a romantic and festive indoor picnic, and he surprised me with the most beautiful marriage proposal and a stunning black diamond ring! The only downfall... It will be practically impossible to make any other V-Day top that one! ❤️
  • My favorite Valentine memory was when my sweet little granddaughter made me her first Valentine to her grandma and signed it with a scribble crayon and a heart. I will never forget how it made me feel. So in love with her. 
  • My favorite Valentine's Memory is actually from back in High School. My family was going through a lot my brother had passed, my parent's were getting a divorce, and my mom moved out. I have two younger sisters who at the time were 11 and 7, as you can imagine we were all having a really difficult time to adjusting and hadn't seen my mom in while. Our dad was at work that evening so it was just us three girls at the house trying to decide what was for dinner when our mom showed up with flowers and presents and dinner. Now all of that was great but what made it my favorite Valentine's memory was the cards my mom had given each of us. Each one was very well thought out and personal and my mom wrote us each long letters of encouragement and love. It was exactly what we needed! I still have my letter and read it whenever i am feeling discouraged.
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was in 2012, when my then boyfriend, now husband, surprised me at work with a bouquet of red roses and an Old English poem about the love we share together. He is not the everyday romantic, but when he is romantic, he goes over-the-top, especially when it came to popping the question, which happened later that year, in August. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :-)
  • Great giveaway!  My favorite V-Day memory was when I was dating my (now) husband, and we went to the mall.  I know that sounds cheesy.  But we "built a bear" with its own little heart, shared an ice cream sundae, and we even got our picture drawn by a caricature artist.  It was the best day ever!
  • My favorite Valentines Day memory so far is when my husband made us a home dinner. So sweet and heartfelt, I felt so special! <3
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