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2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)

Hey Nesties!

In honor one of our favorite holidays of the year (Valentine's Day, of course) we're giving away some pretty fabulous prizes to two of our community members!

Here is what you could win:

One randomly selected winner will receive one Wine of the Month Club six-month Classic Series Gift Membership* ($233 value)!

One randomly selected winner will receive a gift set that includes a Wine of the Month Club Wine Tasting Party Kit* ($29.99 value) and a beautiful Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase ($175 value).

Here is how you enter:

Post a comment below anytime between Monday 2/10 & Thursday 2/13 sharing your favorite (or not-so-favorite!) Valentine's day memory. Winners will be randomly selected. We'll be contacting the winners directly on Friday, 2/14.

Good luck!


*If the winner's state does not allow the shipment of alcohol, the Wine of the Month Club will work with the winner on option/alternative merchandise of similar value. See the official rules here.

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Re: 2/10-2/13: Valentine's Day Giveaway (Psst... wine...)

  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when I was in law school in Virginia Beach while my bf, now husband, was still in school in Ohio.  He flew down and when I greeted him at the airport, he had a bouquet of roses.  He took me out to eat at a restaurant that used to be a giant church that his dad had told him about.  It was amazing.  It's obvious why I married him.
  • My no-so-favorite memory is the one I went out for dinner with my ex and best friend (crazy 20's), and my favorites are any with my hubby!
  • My boyfriend (now fiance) for our first Valentine's day together wanted to cook me dinner. We both had to work late that night so he opted for a crock-pot chicken that he set up to cook before leaving for work that day. Later, his roommate peaked in the pot and not knowing anything about the recipe thought it looked dry and added 2 cups of water to "help it out". Because of the extra water the rock-pot ended up being full of a disintegrated chicken with way too many tiny bones mixed in to be able to salvage it for anything! We ended up ordering a pizza for dilivery (it was heart shaped) that as we were ordering it on the phone his roommate yelled out, can I share it with you? 
  • My favorite valentine's memory is when my husband and I got married. We decided to get married three days before valentine's day while driving home from school. We called my husband's uncle who was a minister only an hour away and got our friends together to celebrate.  We got married very quietly in our living room.  I have never liked big weddings and we had known we would get married for several years.  It was just what we had wanted.  
  • My favorite Valentine's Day was last year because I was able to celebrate with my fiancé. We made dinner together and exchanged cards. This year will be even better because I will be sharing it with my HUSBAND. :)
  • My fiance surprised me with a homemade dinner and the sweetest note. This year will be our first together as husband and wife. Can't wait! 
  • The first time my fiance sent me flowers he wrote a rhyming poem. Last Valentine's day he sent me flowers and a note that said "I don't need to rhyme this time to tell you that you're my whole world."
  • kjsillavankjsillavan member
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    Can't wait to celebrate this Valentine's day with my new hubby.
  • Last Valentine's Day took place exactly one week after my engagement, and since my engagement had taken place at a winery, we had PLENTY of wine left over to celebrate with :)
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is from 7 years ago with my now husband.  I was working at a restaurant on Valentine's Day and the weather that night was terrible, we were in the middle of getting a snow storm.  I was upset that I was working on Valentine's Day and I would have to watch all of these other couples have a wonderful evening!  Little did I know, the guy I had JUST started dating had borrowed his friend's car to come have dinner with me so I wouldn't be alone.  What should have been a 20 minute drive took him nearly an hour and a half.  He took the trip in the storm just so he could have dinner with a girl he had only been seeing for a few weeks.  It was the first of a lifetime of Valentine's Days together <3
  • My husband and I were randomly (seriously, randomly) living in Arizona and he surprised me with a train ride in Cottonwood through the verde canyon. It was timeless (well, except before 1776 when trains didn't exist...) and chocolatey and beautiful. Then we did some wine tastings in Jerome , one was the winery that the Tool lead singer created. Anyway now we live in Washington and my husband started his own business and we owe too much in taxes to do valentines day this year! And we are huge wine lovers, my job is an asst winemaker , but I am on maternity leave with our first baby :) so we could really use a stay at home date! I am not ready to leave our precious baby yet ;)
  • Our first Valentine's together as a married couple, we kept it simple and roasted a chicken using a recipe from a "Newlyweds" cookbook given to us at our wedding. It was a simple and romantic evening in, just what Valentine's Day should be about :)
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory is when my husband proposed 5 years ago!  We had went out to dinner and were going to exchange gifts afterward.  He kept telling me he was less than 50% sure I'd like his gift, so I had no idea what to expect, or what was about to happen.  We got back to his apartment, where he had me close my eyes and wait while he got it ready.  I opened my eyes to cupcakes asking me to marry him.  After saying yes, I was not allowed to touch the "No" cupcake.  :)
  • My ex-boyfriend and I had our first date on Valentine's Day. The key word here is EX.....
  • My favorite Valentine's Day was when my now husband and I made dinner ourselves and ate it on the floor in front out our fire place.
  • I have two favorites, two "first" Valentine's Days with my husband.
    On our first Valentine's day as a married couple, I was in my boss' office when I saw something red in the hallway out of the corner of my eye. It was my husband with a dozen roses looking for my office! The women in my office couldn't get over how sweet it was that he delivered the flowers himself and my male coworkers scolded him for making them look bad.
    My husband had probably learned to be sweet and romantic on Valentine's Day as opposed to practical since my father made fun of him on our very first Valentine's day (as boyfriend and girlfriend) because he gave me a flashdrive that he thought I needed.
  • On Valentine's Day in 2011, my now-husband took me horse back riding in the Rocky Mountains. We were letting the horses rest and took a walk towards a beautiful view of the mountains. At that moment, he got down on one knee and proposed with my grandmother's engagement ring. Pretty good Valentine's Day if I do say so myself! 
  • One of my best & worst Valentines memory was the year I worked as a hostess at a sushi restaurant. While I was bummed to be witnessing all of these couples having great dates while I was working, by then end of the night I realized everyone had been in such a good mood. It was really nice to see strangers so happy. Also, it didn't hurt that when I left for the night my bosses gave me some extra sushi to enjoy with my other half :)
  • My favorite valentine's day was when my boyfriend (now fiance) surprised me with making dinner and have a bottle of champagne open when I got home.
  • Any with my husband :-)
  • I never really had a Valentines before I met my husband. The first Valentine’s day a month after we met he asked me if I liked someone else and I had to tell him on Google chat that I liked him. Then he told me that was good and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.

    The next year was the best, well not so much, it was our first Valentine’s day. We didn't want to break the bank so we decided we were going to play it more on the low key side but still romantic. We went to some Hawaiian grill and I had the salmon and veggie plate. It was a lot of fun but I would have not changed one thing… well maybe I would have changed my meal option. Later that night I threw up all over his mother’s front yard because the fish was under cooked.


    But I still wouldn't change a thing because I was with the man of my dreams and no bad fish was going to stop me. 

  • In general I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day. However one year a fellow IT geek, made me a rose out of some old token ring wire we were disposing of. Best rose ever! A true symbol of who I am.
  • this will be my very first valentines with my husband!! we got married in October and plan to go to eAt and then to a bed and breakfast for the weekend... we didn't get to go on a honeymoon so this is just what we need!! I can't wait to celebrate with champagne, a bubble bath, and quiet time with my new husband!! this is a great giveaway hope we are the lucky ones!!!:):)
  • On our first Valentine's day together, my husband (then- boyfriend) sent me on a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood. He first gave a hint through my friend, which sent me to the first place we went on an "official date", which was Chipotle of course :). There were clues and either balloons, flowers, or chocolate at each stop on the scavenger hunt, and fun little hints that had to do with our relationship, like "the place where we first kissed." It was really sweet and I ended up finding him at a restaurant in our hometown. It was a great memory because it built up so much suspense until I would finally find him. I kept getting excited that he'd be at each destination, so it was really sweet when I finally got to the restaurant and we had our date :)
  • I always felt like Charlie Brown trying to give the little redhaired girl a valentine when I was a kid.
  • My husband and I still joke about our first Valentine's Day together. I surprised him with a romantic home cooked dinner (fancy dress, candles, music, the works.) I made bacon-wrapped filet mignon thinking "What guy doesn't love bacon and steak?" I didn't realize that my husband didn't have a very sophisticated palate. He told me that my perfectly medium-rare hot pink steak was undercooked and proceeded to microwave a gourmet filet mignon until it was like a hockey puck! I still chide him about, and now I always overcook his meat.
  • 2 years ago my then boyfriend proposed to me after a nap in our cabin in the woods. Now after a wonderful fall wedding, we will be back up at the cabin to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

    This holiday means a LOT to both of us.
  • Unfortunately, my very first Valentine's Day with my fiance (at the time, now he's my husband!) was not so great! He forgot completely about it and I was left brooding all day! He made it up to me the next day and I am confident that he will do better this time, seeing as it's our first Valentine's Day married!
  • My favorite memory of Valentine's Day was when my husband (then my boyfriend) and I were trying to plan a romantic date night. All of the plans kept falling through and all our efforts to make it the perfect day kept getting ruined. We ended up with a good friend at A & W eating burgers and ice cream and then went to a movie. I love this memory because despite all of our efforts to go over the top, in the end, the simple and unexpected ended up being the perfect Valentine's Day for us. :-)
  • My favorite Valentine's Day memory was when my sweetie and I went against the grain for dinner. Instead of a fancy, night out with chocolates, dim lighting, and pure romance, we opted for our local sports bar and got wings and beer. Less crowded, delicious, and true to us. We've done it ever since! We love our little offbeat tradition :-)
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