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Cost of living ?s: relocating from SF bay area to (northern) Chicago suburbs

Hubby and I are considering moving out of the bay area and accepting a job in a town ~30 mins north of Chicago.  We're concerned we won't make enough to have the life that we want as we expand our family from 3 to 4 (both kids under age 4).  Any thoughts on what a couple might need to make living in a 4BR/2BA single family house with 2 kids in daycare in the libertyville/grayslake/round lake beach area?

Re: Cost of living ?s: relocating from SF bay area to (northern) Chicago suburbs

  • If you are use to bay area cost of living, you should be able to transition to the Chicago burbs easily without a drastic change in lifestyle.  You will probably feel your $ will go further depending on how far away from the city you live.

    Big decision, good luck!

  • True Sonido...I suppose one key point I failed to mention is that my potential employer will likely offer me ~30% LESS than what I am making in the bay area.  While I was hopeful they could match my salary, I did expect to be under cut a bit but not that much.  The # the recruiter threw out to me was $35K less than I currently bring home..thus my worry.  
    I've heard from colleagues that worked there previously that the difference in pay for them was more like 80% of their CA salary not 70%.  However, those colleagues are on a different payscale in a different job family that I am.
    If together my partner and I can bring home $130K, would that be enough to live well with two young kids in the libertyville/grayslake/round lake beach area?
    We will likely rent before we buy just to get the lay of the land before we throw down for a house.
    Any other bits of wisdom you Chicago nesties have would be most helpful as we consider the favorability of this move.
    Thanks in advance for your advice! :-)
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