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What do you leave your heat on...When you are home? When you are gone?
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Re: qod 1-29

  • We put the heat to 60 when we are gone. When home it has been set to 65, because we have a wood stove. I will turn it up to 68 when I get home if the wood stove fire has died. I let my husband restart the fire.
  • We have had it at 65 when we aren't home and up to about 68 or so when we are home. I put us on the gas budget yesterday. We had never had a gas bill before!
  • Ours stays at 69 and same for the summer we just switch from heat to cool for the different times of year.
  • RIght now its at 71 and we leave it on that or 70 when its freezing outside like it is now. But when I get home I'm usually freezing so I turn it up to 73 or something for a little while.


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  • Ummm... 50. We keep it at that all the time because it's as low as our thermostat can go. We have electric heat and it's ridiculously expensive, so we wear a lot of layers! 

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  • We leave it at 70. Due to my thyroid condition I don't function well if it's too cold. We have electric heat so we're on the budget.
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  • I try not to go above 65. I use to turn it down to 60 when I left but its so cold we just leave it on 65. The past few weeks its so cold I turn it up to like 68-70 for a few hours and then turn it down till 65 when go to bed. Both H and I run warm so it helps us in the winter.  We are on a budget for heat/electric and last year we got 100 back from us being frugal! Hoping for the same this year but of course they adjusted it to better fit the bill from last year, LAME! ;) 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • Depends on how cold it is. Usually it's at 65 when we're out and 70 when we're home.

    We have zoned heating though, so some areas we might set to 70-72 while in other rooms (like the guest room that's not usually in use) we won't even have the heat on.

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  • We keep ours at 66 when we are home and 62 when we are at work and during the night. We have a heated blanket so we don't have to worry about being cold at night.
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  • We used to do 68, but now were at 70. We have an old farm house though, so 70 is not 70. Right now were always home :-)
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  • 60-65 depending on how cold it is outside
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