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Yeast Infection In Ear?

We have a yorkie who gets horrible yeast infections in both ears. He's been on a ton of medicine. It helps, but then when he's off it, the ear troubles begin again. Has anyone had a dog with the same problem? Our vet suggests surgery, which we have scheduled for next Tuesday, but I'm also wondering if there's anything else that can be done? I feel horrible for putting him through another surgery (he's already had bladder stone surgery - a stone got stuck - and hernia surgery), but if it's what's best for him, then obviously I have no problem doing it. Changing his food isn't an option because of the stones, he's on a special diet. As I said, the vet suggests the surgery, and we love our vet, but at the same time, is there anything else we can do before we resort to this? 

Re: Yeast Infection In Ear?

  • Have you given him plain yogurt?:)

    Give some daily --- should help keep his yeast infections at bay.

    I wonder also if it's possible to give a dog probiotics --- see what your vet thinks. (Yeast should also help his digestion, too)
  • Most commonly yeast infections are caused by allergies. Whether it is environmental or food.

    Probiotics *may* help but not usually. But I don't recommend the yogurt. The probiotics in it are very different than what is in the gut of a dog and they are digested in the stomach before they are useful. There are veterinary formulated probioticd if you would like to try them. Fortiflora, proviable, or prostora are the 3 I recommend.

    Cold laser therapy is another option to help with inflammation in the canals.

    Do you regularly clean the canals with prescription flush?

    As far as the surgery goes, without seeing the ears I am not sure there is anything you can do to prevent it at this point. If the canal is so closed off it is the only thing that will help at this point.
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  • Our pup has had yeasty ears...she's now on a limited-ingredient diet (duck and potato) the vet could get you true alergy food with lyopholized proteins in it. 

    We also get an ear cleaner from our vet, you need to be careful that it doesn't have ethanol in it as that can dry out their ear canal and ultimately make the problem worse.  I can check the brand on the ear cleaner when I get home....we call it "magic ears"
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  • Thanks everyone! Both his canals were so closed off there wasn't much else that could be done. We went ahead and had the surgery done this past Tuesday and he's recovering now. Hopefully this will really cure the constant infection problem!! 
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