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Clingy dog?

My dog's been acting clingy on and off during the last month.

I am gone for an extent of time during the day but not anything excessive.

He usually sleeps at the foot of the bed.  He'll stay there for awhile and then he'll start making his rounds. He'll come up to the pillow and plant himself there; I will try to get him to move and he won't budge.

Then he'll get up, stand up and just do nothing. Most of the time he stands on me.

Then he moves to the other side of the bed, then down to the foot and then back up to the pillow on my left.

I can't get him to budge; he will just stay where he is. If I get up and get out of bed, he'll go with me wherever I am and then return to the bed and start the same mess all over again.

His vision isn't that great, either --- he is now 12 years of age. Plus he has always been stubborn.

He'll also spend some time wandering the house during the night. Then he'll return to the bed.

He stopped doing this about 2 weeks ago and now he's started it again and the problem's gotten worse.

Any suggestions?

Re: Clingy dog?

  • Do you take him on walks during the day?
  • Oh yeah. He's just started this thing over the last month.
  • i wonder if his vision is getting worse so he wants to be close to you to feel safe or know you are there.  Any other signs that he isnt feeling well?
  • No, this is the only thing. Just these "funny spells."

    The last couple nights he has been okay. Maybe he's got dementia and/or his vision is worsening. I know his hearing is going -- when he didn't freak out when thunder came along, I figured his hearing was going; that started sometime last summer.
  • I've had a couple of dogs throughout my life that gradually grew more clingy as they aged.  Sometimes they were super clingy, other times more independent.  I always assumed that it was just because they were seeking companionship and comfort, especially if they weren't feeling their best.
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