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walking dead

Any ideas on the rat sacrificer? I think it's Beth. It reminds me of the "Blue Lady" from Dark Angel. These kids are creating their own religion and morals based upon a totally corrupt society.

I think Judith is alive. I think the alcoholic (whatever his name is) picked her up. He was the only one covered in blood. I don't think the kids would just abandon her. Or, maybe Michon

I liked the way the governor died with each person needing to get revenge getting some.

I feel like the kids are turning into the "Forty Thieves" like in the 20s where they had their own mob and gang.

Any other thoughts?

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Re: walking dead

  • I've thought for a while the rat thing was one if the kids. And pretty sure someone rescued Judith.

    I think the way the governor (Brian) died was appropriate.

    The more they develope the characters the better the show gets. Although things can still be pretty obvious and that bothers me some. For example the zombie popping up and biting Brian's adopted girl.
  • My husband can't watch it because he picks it apart too much. Like mowed lawns, clean windows, hay fields still growing it rows and by far the biggest kicker is that the gasoline hasn't gone bad after 3 years lol.

    I wonder still if Carol didn't kill those people and if she's protecting someone. I honestly think we a going to see a bat shit crazy Beth yet.

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  • We've noticed some of those things (mowed lawns, etc.) but it doesn't bother us. I'm surprised, now that I think about it, that this doesn't bother H more. Details like that in shows and movies can drive him crazy.

    I really don't think Carol was covering for someone. But ya never know.
  • I definitely think the older of the two little blonde girls Carol had adopted was the one feeding the rats to the Walkers. They made it a point of showing she thought the Walkers were people and that they were her friends. I think she was just trying to feed them to be friendly or out of sympathy.
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