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GTKY: Birth

Do you have any birthmarks? If so where and what does it look like?

Re: GTKY: Birth

  • I have one on my side. It looks like chocolate haha
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  • I have some spots here and there, nothing interesting.

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  • I have one on my left shoulder. It looks like a lower case h and it's raised. It's kind of funny because I'm the only grandchild in my moms family who doesn't have a H last name.
  • I have one on my wrist, it just looks like a big freckle
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  • I don't have any birthmarks.  
  • I apparently have one in my hair. Other than that none that are visable
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  • I have a very light and small birthmark on my right leg above my knee. I like to say that it looks like Portugal (since I'm Portuguese), but it might be more like New Jersey, lol
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  • I have ton of freckle-like birthmarks all over. I also have a couple "coffee stains." One on my stomach and one that was pointed out to me when I was getting a bikini wax... not embarrassing at all.
  • I don't really have any at all. My mom used to call little freckles "angel kisses" when I was a kid. So I have like maybe 4 angel kisses, but I would hardly consider that a birthmark. I do have a chicken pox scar on my stomach and near my upper lip though
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  • Ya I guess I have one on the bottom front of my left leg it's an oval shape. My mom says I wasn't born with it but it showed up a little later. My grandma had the same kinda birthmark in the same area. My mom tells me alway to keep an eye on it just incase it starts to look different it could run cancerous maybe... But it hasn't changed in years.

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