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Thankful Thursday

What 5 things are you thankful for?

This will be the last day we do this this month. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and I would do it Tuesday but I know some ladies will be traveling.

Re: Thankful Thursday

  • 1.  Advil- I have an awful headache today

    2. H- who endures my moaning and groaning and bitchiness lately without getting grumpy himself

    3. Coffee, I shall always be thankful for coffee

    4. A warm bed, a roof over my head and food in my belly.  Many people don't have those things.

    5. The opportunity to advance my education even if I whine about it on a daily basis.

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  • 1. music - I don't think I could live without it
    2. My job - as much as I been complaining about it lately, Im actually pretty lucky 
    3. my new fitness studio - I learn so much from them and finally seeing results and you feel like a family there
    4. the fact I have off tomorrow. I think I might kill someone soon at this place so I really need a day off
    5. my cardiologist
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • 1. T.V. I know I sound selfish and spoiled but honestly it is what gets me through the night sometimes when Ethan is awake and fussy I have to stay awake somehow

    2. My dad we haven't had the best relationship but the past few years it has gotten much better

    3. My job it isn't the best and doesn't pay that great but the benefits are so worth it

    4. Freedom I know other places can't say this but sometimes we take it for granted and I'm glad I can do what I want when I want

    5. This board without you ladies I'm not sure I would have made it through some things as sane as I did and I'm glad to have a sounding board to vent for big things and for the little things that I blow up for no reason
  • 1. I have an awesome husband! I feel so thankful to have someone who understands me and loves me no matter how crazy I act sometimes.

    2. That H & I have jobs.

    3. I have an awesome MIL that will help my H & I threw anything she is the most helpful and understanding person I know. More than my own mom.

    4. Food.

    5. Roof over my head. Now since I live in a bigger city I see more people that are homeless. Makes me thankful I have a place to stay and sleep.

  • Okay, I'll play this week...

    1. My hubby... Couldn't imagine life without him now.

    2. My inlaws. FIL is amazing, since I don't have my dad anymore, he's definitely the next best thing. And even though MIL drives me crazy some days, her hearts in the right places.

    3. My girlfriends. Don't see each other much, but we're always there for one another when needed.

    4. You ladies... I know I don't always post a lot, but I think you ladies are amazing, and wish I lived closed to some of you!

    5. What h and I have. The roof over our head, the food in our fridge, cable, cars etc. I complain sometimes that I wish we had more, or could take more trips or whatever, but truth be told. I'm very happy with where we are in life.

    6. One more for good measure.... That my football team made the CFL championship game this weekend! Can't wait for Sunday!!! :)
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  • 1. I'm stealing this one from @kushie77... COFFEE!

    2. Vitamin C... I might as well have an IV of it these days

    3. That we will be surrounded by family next Thursday on Thanksgiving

    4. That I get to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

    5. That I live in a time and place where women have the right to go to school and work if they want to. That my husband is my equal and I'm not considered his property.

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  • 1. Our house-to-be! I can't wait to have a home to call our own.

    2. My parents. They raised me to take care of myself but to still know when to lean on someone when you need it.

    3. Positive thinking... sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through my work day.

    4. Vacations. I am off all week next week and I am very excited to not have to think about work for a few days.

    5. My favorite nesties. I feel like I might go crazy if I didn't have you to lean on during difficult times or to tell you happy news when we aren't ready to tell the world. Like the house and a baby when that actually happens.
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