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GTKY: Growing Up

Where did you grow up? Do you still live there? If not how far away do you live from there?

Re: GTKY: Growing Up

  • I grew up in Dunmore PA.  I don't live there anymore, I live 2 towns over now in the house that H grew up in.  It's a nice enough town, I just always swore I'd move out of NE PA, and yet here I am. 
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  • I am in the town that I  grew up in for the most part. We live in an area that all the towns are super close. 
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  • I still live in the same town I grew up in. In fact I live about 10 minutes from the house I grew up in. Which my parents still live in.
  • Let's see... I was born in Calgary, AB, where I live until just after my fourth birthday, the we moved to Medicine Hat, Ab, where I lived until I was almost 12, then we moved to Regina, Sk, where I lived for 11'ish years. Then I moved to Swift current, sk when Moved in with hubby. My mom is back in Medicine Hat.
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  • I was raised in the Air Force so I grew up in half of the US LOL I do not have a hometown and its weird to explain that to people. And I have over 400 Facebook friends and know every single one of them personally. Being raised in the military is so different then being raised as a civilian. Well at least my experience was.


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  • I grew up in a small town in WI. I do not still live there. I live aprox. 3000miles from where I grew up now my H & I live in FL for now. H still really wants to move to CO eventually.

  • I grew up in RI and now live in Western MA, 2 1/2 hours-ish away.

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  • I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now I live in Willoughby Hills, Ohio... it is about 20/25 minutes away from my mom. The house we are buying is about 30 minutes from my mom.
  • This is just like when people ask me "where are you from"....well do you want the long version or the short version. The short version....BC - I have always maintained my residency in BC even when I didn't live here....

    The long version...I was born in central BC, I spent most of my childhood in the vancouver area (Surrey), then between 13 and 21, I lived in WA state, So-Cal, Mexico, Alberta, central BC. 

    Moved back to Vancouver area when I was 22 (Coquitlam) and went back and forth between Coquitlam and Peru twice...thought I'd end up in Peru long term...but then didn' I live about a half hour further out from Vancouver (Maple Ridge) and bought a house, so will be here for a while...About a hour drive to Vancouver, and 30 minute drive to Surrey where I lived when I was little. 
  • I live a few towns away from where I grew up but still in the same general area. We're moving about 45 minutes south of where we are right now next week.
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  • Short story: I was born and raised in one town-  we moved when I was 8, but stayed in the same town.  That house is approximately 5 miles from where we live now, and we're in a different town (actually a 'city'). We're moving about 20 minutes away when the new house is ready.

    Long story: I went to college in VA (600 miles away) and after graduation spent 4 years in St. Louis (a little over a thousand miles away). I moved back in with my folks after moving back, and then had an apartment about a half hour away, until I met H, and moved in with him, here. Total coincidence that he lives so stinking close to my folks (now old) house.

    So while it looks like I've spent my life in CT.. it's all a lie ;)


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  • mancila60 said:
    I still live in the same town I grew up in. In fact I live about 10 minutes from the house I grew up in. Which my parents still live in.
    This is exactly my story too!
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