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qod 11-20

DO you wear makeup everyday?
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Re: qod 11-20

  • Nope.  It's very very rare for me to wear any makeup beyond lip balm.  I wore some to my cousin's wedding a month ago.  Prior to that it was my own wedding. 
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  • Not at all.  I never wear any.  Like, ever.

    I think my wedding was the last time I wore it, also!


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  • I used to wear mascara and eyeliner frequently but now I have mostly given up. I might put some on once or twice a week. Maybe. The last time I wore a full face of make up was the wedding. I even only wore eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to my dad's wedding.
  • I literally never wear it as well. For special occasions, such as a wedding or something I will put on some mascara but that is it. I got my make up done for my wedding. 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • Mona8Mona8 member
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    I do, but just concealer, foundation, and eyeliner.

    Mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, etc only come out for special occasions.

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  • I usually alway wear make up. Maybe every once in a while I do not wear any.

  • No way. I'm too lazy


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  • I always wear eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes if my face is really bad I'll throw on some concealer but that's it.
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  • I'm hit or miss depending on time and meetings during the week. I like at least eye shadow if possible. I also almost always wear make up to church on Sundays.
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  • I wear foundation/powder every day, unless it's one of those rare occassions I don't have to leave the house! I rarely wear anything else though.

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  • Never! Usually only if we are going "out". By that I mean with others or for a special event. If so it's usually just weekends.
  • Nope hardly ever. And when I do it's a bit of mascara, some concealer if necessary, and lip gloss. Even for my wedding, my MOH did my make up. Very low key.
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