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What kind of bulbs are you planting?

Hi guys,

just looking for some inspiration. A couple of months ago we moved to Georgia from Colorado and I'm interested in planting some bulbs in the front yard. Back in CO I usually went with tulips, lillies and daffodils but I want to maybe mix it up a little bit this year. Ideally I'd like to have ones that bloom at different times so we have flowers all season.

So, here's my question. What are your favorite bulbs? And do you have any tips for bulb-planting in the south (not sure how different it will be from growing things up in the Rockies).

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Re: What kind of bulbs are you planting?

  • trinitygctrinitygc member
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    I'm not sure if tulips require a cold winter to bloom the next year. Not sure if that will work in Georgia?   If they do work in Georgia, I love tulips and hyacinths (the little grape and the big varietes!).


    From the farmers Almanac:   bulbs require cold of 35°F to 48°F for approximately three months—ideally, winter months.

  • Tulips do well in Georgia, I think most of the state falls in the good zones for tulip growing but you should do some research first. Check out Walter Reeves' website. He's amazing!

    In our backyard we have - daffodils, tiger lilies, and elephant ears for nearly year round ground cover. I also have hostas, and some other plants that I don't know the name for that the former owners planted, but they bloom in late fall and when the blooms die and dry out to a brown/purple color they'll still stay on through the winter.

  • Indoor Hyacinth in pink and purple color.
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