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Anybody else having problems with high rent in the Bay Area?

I'm getting increasingly frustrated because we had to move out of our hometown because apartment prices were ridiculous! 1800 for a fricken 1 bedroom??? I'm sorry but I think anything that could be a mortgage payment for an apartment is BAD VALUE. We're going to now have to move because our rent increased by $150 a month, and all I see online are prices for Community style apartments which are the very ones that are the most ruthless when it comes to living costs. I live in the Bay Area and at this point we need to stay within the area at least until after the wedding, but I finally found a job that will become permanent after a certain amount of time, but it still pays less than what the current housing market demands. Maybe this is more of a rant, but I feel like I'm in a hole. I worked too hard went through all this education and the reward? Work harder and sacrifice everything else just to afford a safe place to live. By any chance are there any 2 bedroom 4plex apartments in the Pleasonton/Livermore area under 1500 a month?

Re: Anybody else having problems with high rent in the Bay Area?

  • I would love to help. :/ I live in Benicia which is in between Walnut Creek and Napa and my husband and I have the same frustration. We get paid little for jobs that should pay more and most of the paycheck goes to bills and we really don't have that many bills. :p We are thinking of moving out of state where home prices are better for what you get. I wish you the best of luck. :) I am sure you will find something.
  • I wish I could help but all I can do is empathize.  Cost of living in the bay area is ridiculous.  Hubby and I both have decent jobs but the majority of our income goes to rent.  When we were looking to move we were actually looking in the Livermore area and we couldn't find anything cheaper than $1400 for an apartment.  Right now we're in Castro Valley in a 3 bedroom house for $1800 which we think is a steal.
  • It's crazy here. We live in Santa Clara and are paying 2100 for a 1bd/1bath. We are hoping to move into something cheaper when this lease is up. 
  • Oy vey - I hear you guys. Hubby and I used to live in Sunnyvale but decided to move further east where the rent is a little cheaper. We're in north East San Jose now - it's not the best place but our neighborhood is fine.

    What do you think about buying a home? Is that an option for you or is your future in flux?
  • I feel for you.. We used to live in San Ramon 2007-2009 and paid 1850 for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment... We had to move further out near brentwood when we decided to try for #2... The rent now at our old place is about 2300.... About the same as our mortgage/ ins and property tax per month!
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  • While we seem to have a good deal I find it hard to stomach paying the 2100 each month for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex in Walnut Creek. The Bay Area in general is pretty ridiculous. What's hard for us is he works in Downtown Oakland and I work in Downtown San Francisco and everywhere that would be easy to commute for us is outrageously priced. We'd love to live in the North Bay (like Petaluma area) but a 2 hour commute is not appealing. :(
  • I feel for you. Is the Tracy/Byron/Mountain House area any better? Or is that too far from a commute perspective?
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